10 Most Expensive Hobbies People Don’t Spare Any Money For

People are indeed crazy creatures. Sometimes they look twice at every penny spent for something really necessary like healthy food or comfortable shoes. But when it comes to something as ridiculous as buying another Ferrari sport car or going yachting – they are ready to spend all of their savings for it. So let’s find out what are top 10 hobbies people don’t spare their money for!

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#1 – Cars Collecting


It is not a secret for anyone that car collecting is one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. The rarer the car is, the more money the collector will have to pay for it. Plus there are some extra charges for the technical support and the collection accommodation.

#2 – Art Collecting


Such pieces of art as statues, pictures, and sculptures may be equally expensive to the cars. The costs can vary from several thousand to several thousand million dollars.

#3 – Rock-Climbing


Rock-climbing is a great adventure. However, this adventure has also its cost, which is pretty high. The hiking equipment is one of the most expensive sport equipment. Moreover, the permit to climb Everest, for example, costs from $25 000 to $60 000.

#4 – Polo


The person dreaming of doing aristocratic kind of sports should get prepared to spend minimum $8000 a year to stay a member of the polo club. One must also acquire a worthy horse, the cost for which is around $20 000. Besides, it costs around $1500 per month to keep the horse.

#5 – Poker


Gambling games are always expensive in any of their forms and shapes. It especially regards to poker, where the stakes are very high. There are many people willing to risk and make bank, but the very few win.

#6 – Yacht Racing


Yacht racing is quite a joyful process until it becomes the main thing you do in your spare time. Since it is officially established as one’s hobby, people spend millions of dollars for purchasing a yacht, plus they pay for its technical service.

#7 – Round-The-World Traveling


The discovery of the world wonders is a great time spending. Nevertheless, similar hobbies are available not to everyone. Except for the expensive air tickets, one must pay for the accommodation and excursions round the cities. Of course, there are many methods to reduce expenses, but they require to abandon the most of conveniences.

#8 – Hunting


Hunting for big game costs a lot. A special hunting costumes only costs hundreds of dollars. Let alone all necessary licenses, transport expenses, guns, and ammunition.

#9 – Horseback Riding


Horseback riding is the kind of hobby, which is widespread among the owners of big lands. It so mostly because it’s easier to keep the horses in this way. As in any other hobby, the prices are different – a really good horse can cost you $100 000, and a worthy one from $5000.

#10 – Private Clubs Resting


This hobby is for the most spoiled ones. Private country clubs can provide with the best relaxation. At least to those who can allow themselves to pay the membership. Abonnements in such clubs cost around $250 000 a year. And the cheapest ones offer their memberships for minimum $5000 a year.

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