10 Tips To Help Your Kids Get Up Easier In The Morning

The most unpleasant feeling from the childhood is a cold morning, darkness outside the window, and parents waking you up in order to get you to the kindergarten or school. It is always difficult to wake up in the morning no matter who is your child – a late or an early riser. For this, we have prepared 10 tips that will help your children get up easier in the morning.

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Tip #1 – Prepare the evening before

1Some of the tasks can be performed beforehand. For example, putting all necessary books into a backpack, choosing the proper clothing for the next day, or preparing breakfast. If you do all of these things in the evening, there is no need to hurry in the morning.

Tip #2 – A good example

2If the parents get up early in the morning and do not lay in bed until the very last alarm bell, then the kids will be able to adopt the same habit.

Tip #3 – The right interior

3The interior of your children’s room plays a very important part. It should be comfortable for them to fall asleep – there must be the right lightning, comfortable bed, absence of any side sounds. It should feel comfortable to wake up – with some morning sunlight coming through the window. Moreover, there must be some order in the room, for example, it shouldn’t be difficult for your children to find clothing or any other necessary items.

Tip #4 – Tasty breakfast

4One should turn on some imagination to let their children’s morning start not from the healthy breakfast only, but from the tasty and sometimes even interesting one. You can prepare scrambled eggs in the forms of stars, hearts, or flowers. Or you can decorate the table with colorful napkins. Anything will suit just to boost your children with a positive energy for the day.

Tip #5 – Password

5Make up with your child a password by which he/she must get up. It can be the name of the favorite animated cartoon or a citation of a famous personage. The main rule is that your kid must get up right after he/she hears the password.

Tip #6 – Personal alarm clock

6Get your child to the store with you and choose the alarm clock together. Let you kid decide what kind, shape, color, and sound his/her alarm clock will possess. There are the clocks that run away from you or make you solve a task before they stop ringing. The decision is up to your child.

Tip #7 – Don’t yell

7Even if your child hardly gets up in the morning, don’t raise your voice. Even more so, don’t use any physical force. This will only discourage your child to get up early and go outside to meet the real world. Be gentle and patient.

Tip #8 – Praise your children

8When your children wake up, praise them, encourage them, and say you are proud of them. This is the best motivation, which will add more desire to wake up early in the morning all the time.

Tip #9 – Regime

9It is very important to have a permanent regime – to go to bed and to get up always at the same time. It is recommended to do so even on weekends and on holidays to maintain the same regime.

Tip #10 – Morning rituals

10Every morning must contain a special ritual, which will be both pleasant and useful. It can be a mutual morning exercise together with dad, or helping mom to prepare breakfast. It can be a “special morning drink” that must be drank until 8 am. Remember, that you can accustom your children to any kind of order – just use your patience, fantasy, and consistency.

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