7 Advices How To Avoid Criticizing

You cannot do anything to yourself and lately everyone gets you goat? Well, do you want to spend the rest of your life-time as a terrible critic or you will try to apply some advices how to be more patient?

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#1 – Empathy & Understanding

1Before judging and criticizing someone, put yourself on their place. Maybe after that you will understand why they behave this way. Until you cannot feel yourself in other person’s skin, you will behave like a small child, who is egocentric by his nature.

#2 – Don’t Play A Boss

Remember, you are not other people’s boss and no one gave you the right to judge them and make the decisions for them. In the majority of cases, each person knows better what is good for him/her personally. And remember, it’s their own life and they are the ones to live it, not you.

#3 – Collect The Facts

3Before starting to slander and criticize, collect all the facts in one. Rumors and wrong decisions are made of incomplete information. So if you want to judge others, first collect all the available information and start criticizing after that.

#4 – Praise Instead Of Critics

Every person has something that is worth praising. Instead of concentrating on the issues that could be criticized, find something you could praise. This method is especially effective for children who become more motivated when praised, rather than criticized.

#5 – Be Positive

5You can be swearing all the time spreading bad mood all around, and have a reputation of a person who sucks all energy from other people. Or you may change your mindset for a more positive one and try to look at things from the brighter side. You yourself will become a happier person!

#6 – Define The Difference Between The Critics And Advices

You just want to help someone with a good advice, but in fact are criticizing them? People often don’t see the difference between critics and advices, and instead of showing them their support, they see you giving them a negative estimation. Learn to give advices the way they don’t contain any critics.

#7 – Be Satisfied With Yourself

7Most of the people criticizing and talking badly about others are unhappy with their own lives. Inability to control their own life and put it into the right direction creates a stressful situation. And the disturbances that appear as a result are applied to the people that surround us. Learn to love yourself and the world around will seem much positive to you.

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