7 Must-Have Items For A Bachelor Pad

A bachelor pad is an absolutely unique type of property that is aimed at single men who are spending most of their time out of the apartment and are not planning to get a family anytime soon. A bachelor pad can be small or large; it can be a three-bedroom apartment or a tiny studio flat. What links all bachelor pads together is the practicality and a focus on fun and entertainment. Find out what you need to create a perfect bachelor pad!

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Home theatre system

A home theatre system is a popular device in all kinds of homes, but since a bachelor pad is an ideal place to throw loud parties and watch movies with all of the sound effects, a home theatre is exactly what you need to your friends long for an invitation to your party. Choose a system that plays all popular formats, easily connects to the internet, and can fill the room with booming bass in no time.


Quality bedding

The majority of bachelors use their apartments mostly for sleep, as they leave for work early in the morning and don’t come back until 9-10 at night. If you want to get proper rest after a long work day and have 7 hours of refreshing sleep, make sure your bedding is up to the task. Start with the bed itself by choosing a modern, comfortable bed or sofa. Then go shopping for pillows, sheets, and blankets, looking for high quality ones.



Nightstands may not be the most obvious item of furniture needed in a bachelor pad, but in reality a nightstand can make your life much easier. Most of us need a couple of items by the bed within immediate reach, like a mobile phone, a glass of water, glasses, a tablet, a book, or anything else you may need. Get a nice nightstand and eliminate the problem of putting these items under the pillow or on the floor, where they can be easily damaged.


A stocked bar

As we’ve already established, a bachelor pad is nothing without regular legendary parties. Plus, when you come home after working for 10 or more hours, having a drink can be more relaxing than a cup of tea. That is why a bar is another bachelor must-have. Stock it according to your taste: most bar owners try to get a couple of whiskey and vodka bottles, some fruit juices, cola, or soda water for mixing, a couple of bottles of wine, and a selection of beer.



A lot of bachelor pads tend to look modern and practical, but due to the lack of decorations they can look too plain and uninviting. The solution here is to get some artwork for your apartment. It can be a framed poster or photograph, a painting, a vase, a sculpture, or antiques – it all depends on the overall style of your place. You can also include some family photos to add warmth to the apartment.



Different kinds of lighting can transform your bachelor pad and either make it look like a doctor’s office, in case the light is fluorescent, or make it appear as the most cosy place on the planet, if the lighting is well thought out and natural. Don’t limit the lighting to a single light source per room – you can have a main lighting fixture on a ceiling and add a table lamp or floor lamp for extra light. Wall lamps are also a great choice.


A living object

When you live alone, having something to take care of at home can help you avoid loneliness and give you another reason to look forward to coming home. If a pet seems to be too much work, opt for plants – there are so many house plants that you can easily find the ones that not only look great, but also require minimum care and can live for years. We especially recommend getting miniature Bonsai trees.


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