7 Tips To Make The Right Decisions

How many wrong decisions have you made in your life? No one is secure from making mistakes. But there are a couple of advices, which can help you make the right choice when it is necessary.

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Tip #1 – Search The Right Information

1Our decisions are influenced greatly by the external sources of information, including so-called “experts”. In order to make the right decision, it is important to make sure that the incoming information is accurate. Don’t be afraid to question an expert’s opinion and learn from all possible resources.

Tip #2 – Avoid Common Mistakes

If you have any deep-rooted mistakes about making decisions, for example, “not enough time to think” or “you were told by someone else how to do it” and then everything appeared on the contrary, then pay close attention to such mistakes. Detect what are those common mistakes that make you a less successful person and exclude them to make the right choices.

Tip #3 – Have A Look Into Your Past

3,1People tend not to learn from their own mistakes, because it is difficult from the emotional aspect. The reason for this is that they will have to face the forgotten problem again.

3But indeed it is useful to look back and remind how you dealt with the similar problem in the past. This will significantly reduce the amount of time needed to find the solution.

Tip #4 – Monitor Yourself

Many of the decisions are made under the influence of external surrounding and personal feelings. For example, it was detected that the investors relate to the information much better if it is covered in red color, rather than in a green one. It was also noticed that the judges make more favorable decisions when their stomach is full and on the contrary, if they feel hunger, they are inclined to make more severe decisions. So before making any kind of decision estimate your condition – whether you are hungry, angry, nervous, or stressed. And before purchasing new home appliance in the retail shop, visit Jiji and make a calm measured choice.

Tip #5 – Keep Yourself Safe

4In order to be able make the rights decisions it is important to have enough sleep. When you get tired or feel bad, it is a lot more complicated to make the right decision.

Tip #6 – Leave Some Time To Think

A huge flow of tasks and distracting factors attack us every day. And very often we make decisions while remaining in the multitasking condition. Take some time to calmly think not getting distracted on anything. You will need nearly half an hour daily to devote to your thinking. This is especially important for the creative people and those who hold the managing positions.

Tip #7 – The Analysis Is Our Everything

5If you didn’t get exactly what you wanted, it doesn’t mean that your decision was bad. It happens that even the best decisions can lead us to a defeat. So it is important to analyze the case and use this lesson to prevent yourself from other defeats again.

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