How To Arrange Cosy Private Corner?

Everyone dreams about cosy dwelling. But often this remains only a dream – costs of total renovation are high and not everyone can allow themselves such expenses. But who sad that you need to redo the entire house at once?

With Jiji you can create your own cosy corner to spent a good time while resting after work!

Everyone needs their own sacred space – to relax, to read, to do what they like, and just to be alone with their thoughts. Do you have such a place in your home?

If you have a separate bedroom, you can put there a small armchair, hang sconces, or a floor lamp. This cozy place is very nice to read in the evening, wrapping legs in a soft blanket and sipping hot chocolate. If you have no extra chair, you can cover the bed with a blanket. And let this be your sacred right – to lie an hour or two with a magazine or a book.

Want to purchase your own armchair for a reasonable price? Visit Jiji! Sometimes people sell really picturesque things for ridiculous prices!

If there is no place in the bedroom, but there is a balcony, an armchair can be successfully located there. That’s what many interior designers recommend for small apartments. Pull the old computer chair, lay a blanket on it, put some old bedside table and drink coffee there in the evenings with a good book.

All this furniture you can buy on Jiji!

Kitchen. Even if a large kitchen you see only in dreams, you always can put a chair and a favorite plant there. Take your cat and enjoy every quiet evening. And if the kitchen is just 6 square meters, where to put a chair? You don’t need a separate chair. Every good housewife keeps the kitchen clean and comfortable. So why not turn on a little light after dinner, and not to sit down at the dinner table with a laptop or some needlework? The main thing here is to not relentlessly let in other family members.  Want to snack? Please, take what you need out of the refrigerator – and disappear. For the next hour this is your territory and your own time.

Anything for your kitchen is available in one click! On Jiji, you can find the whole kithen complectations, furniture, and devices! corner is not as much of a square footage, as something that represents your personality, your inner world, your mood. This place gives you the opportunity to be alone with yourself. For some, it is not necessary to have their own seat, computer desktop is enough, and someone’s favorite place is the ottoman in front of a dressing table. Ask yourself the question – do you have a place where you can relax and unwind? Do you have such a need?

And if it is so – you always can find new unopened yet opottunities with Jiji!