Best MacBook Clones

Chinese manufacturers don’t ever get tired of copying Apple gadgets, coming up with new devices that are able to(partly or entirely) replace the original Apple products.

Today we are talking about budget reliable laptops that are quite capable of competing with a MacBook.


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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Xiaomi seems to be brave enough to compete directly with Apple American Corporation. The company actually presented an exact replica of the MacBook Air laptop.

However, this clone is much cheaper than the original and costs only 750 dollars.


The similarity with Apple products is not only in the name, the laptop’s hardware is very similar to the one that fans of “Apple Products” are used to:

  • full HD-screen with a diagonal of 13.3 inches;
  • i5-6200U processor with a frequency of 2.7 GHz;
  • 8 GB RAM;
  • graphics chip GeForce 940MX;
  • SSD-storage volume of 256 GB;
  • and (quite predictably), Windows 10 operating system.

Xiaomi attracts the attention of potential buyers to the fact that Mi Notebook Air, having the same screen diagonal, is 13% thinner than the MacBook Air and 11% smaller in size. It weighs a little more than an Apple laptop – 1.28 kilograms, but the laptop’s battery is capable of working up to 9.5 hours without being charged. Thanks to the USB Type-C connector, it is possible to charge the battery to the level of 50% in just half an hour.

Another option is to buy Mi Notebook Air with a 12.5-inch screen diagonal. This laptop will work up to 11.5 hours without being charged. Its characteristics will be a little more basic:

  • core M3 Processor;
  • 4 GB RAM;
  • integrated video;
  • 128 GB SSD-drive.


Both laptops will be available in two colors: golden and silver. The advanced model will cost $ 750 while the basic one is only 525 dollars.

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One of the local companies called GIEC has decided to do even more and released almost an identical clone of the MacBook Air laptop.

GIEC N16 1

The main feature of the new gadget is its cost-effective hardware and software that makes the laptop quite inexpensive. In addition to it, it comes with pre-installed Windows 10, the operating system of the new generation.

This laptop, having an 11-inch screen, is based on a four-core ATOM Z3735F processor, equipped with 2 GB RAM, 32 GB hard-drive and a 10,000 mAh battery. The manufacturer does not provide any information about the time the battery can work without being charged.

GIEC N16 2

According to the representatives of GIEC, the gadget will cost about 120 dollars.

Asus Zenbook 3

This company has not chosen iPhone as the standard to copy. Asus has picked the 12-inch MacBook, modified and elaborated it.

Asus Zenbook 3 1

The new third-generation Zenbook is an almost identical copy of “netbook from Cupertino” in appearance. The laptop is made of aluminum alloy used in aviation that is 50% more durable than its analogues. The dimensions of this laptop even surpass those of the Apple product. The thickness of the device does not exceed 11.9 mm and its weight is only 910 grams.

According to the manufacturer, Zenbook 3 should be able to compete with the MacBook with Retina display and with both versions of MacBook Air. The new product will be in great demand thanks to its advanced features and relatively affordable price. The Core i7 processor from Intel has been selected for this laptop with optional 16 GB of RAM or 1 TB ROM. The approximate time of working without being charged is up to 9 hours.

Asus Zenbook 3 2

Zenbook 3 is equipped with 12.5-inch display, occupying 82% of the panel and covered by tempered Gorilla Glass 4. Other features of the device include a fingerprint scanner, glass trackpad, fast charging technology support , and – quite surprisingly – an active cooling systems.

The cost of Zenbook 3 in retail stores will start from 1499 USD.


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Purchase laptops of the latest models produced by famous brands on Jiji – it is cheaper, faster and safer. By the way, the choice is much larger as well!