Best Places To Go On Vacation With Kids

Everyone must rest, including your kids. But not every place of destination is good for going on vacation with children. So in order to make your vacation as pleasant as it is possible without making you worried about your children, see the list of destinations, which are the best options to consider.

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Crete (Greece) – Beach thing


Going to Crete with your family means the enjoyment from the Mediterranean Sea first of all. It is better to not opt for long tiring travels and excursions with little kids. But clean and safe beaches right near the sea are at your disposal. Besides, there are handicraft courses especially for children, where they can spend their time usefully by creating little masterpieces and where they won’t be ever bored.

Denmark – The main constructor


Northland is the place where everything spins around childhood and family. It is especially noticeable when you see the bicycles with the special children’s trucks (which can be taken in rent for just 15 euros). In the majority of museums you will find nice tariffs for children, and what about the streets – they are completely safe for walking with your family members. The main point of children’s attraction in Denmark is Legoland with its miniature copy of the Earth made of the constructor, its own Polar station, and an amusement park.

Tenerife (Spain) – Such a whale


Among all other Spanish resorts, Tenerife is a perfect mix of nature and urban entertainment. So coming here with children and interchanging excursions with the walkings is an excellent program for the week or two. In addition to that, the average prices, as compared to other resorts, let the visitors do many things for a short period of time. The main places, where it’s worth taking your kids are the famous aqua parks – Siam Park and Loro Park with their famous whale shows. There is also an amusement park called Jungle Park and a dolphin show, which you can see in the Aqualand.

Montenegro – The unbearable sweetness of existence


One may go to this warm Balkan country even when the season of other southern countries hasn’t yet started or has already finished. This means that from the very beginning of April to the very end of November you can plan a vacation together with you family. One of the main reasons to go there with kids is that the sand here is full of medicinal qualities. So after spending here just a week your kids won’t get sick for half a year. Moreover, the local food here is worth trying, as the meat, vegetables and pasta are prepared even better than in Italy.

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