Best Ways To Spend Free Time With Your Family

With day-to-day hassles and much of work to do every day we often forget that communication with our family is an essential thing. It should not be limited to the phrases “how are your school things going?” or “have you had dinner already?” It is important to find the day to spend your free time all together despite of those different interest you might have. So here are several universal ideas for the mutual time spending.

Enjoy your free time with Jiji

Coming Out To Nature

1This is probably the most accessible (maybe that’s why the most popular) way of resting together with your cronies. Communication with the nature can be different – fishing, picking up berries and mushrooms, or swimming in the lake. For more active families, an option of going to the mountains, setting up the bonfire, and guitar songs are even better.

Aqua Park

2Your soul is calling for more joy and drive? Then go get your old swimming suit (or choose a new one) and flip flops and go to aqua park! Cheery slides, swimming pools, and Jacuzzi can entertain you a lot, as modern aqua parks has got so much to offer to their quests.

Horse Riding

3This is not about entertainment only. Hippotherapy is an efficient method not to relax only, but to cure many serious diseases. Time spending with the horses will be pleasant both for smaller and older ones. In the most of the horse clubs, there are ponies especially for your small kids. Such kind of rest cannot be compared to any other ones. So even if you don’t open special skills in yourself as a horse rider, pleasant memories are guaranteed.

Table-Top Games

4This idea can seem to you boring only for the first time. In fact, table-top games turn out to be a very interesting and exciting thing to be occupied with, especially in a good company of people. You can even organize the whole tournaments on Monopoly, chess, and lotto.


5For those found of learning and getting to know something new, there is a great idea to take up some classes – whether on drawing, dancing, or creating small pleasant things. The peculiarities of such master-classes are that one can not only watch the process, but take part in it as well.


6To spend a great time together with your family, you can also use the kitchen room. The first step to make is to choose an interesting recipe. It should be also approved by other members of your family. Let it be pizza, for example. Then you will have to buy all the freshest ingredients and divide the responsibilities. Mother can be in chief of preparing dough, daughter will help her with preparing pie shells, and father and son are going to prepare the stuffing. And when you smell the delicious flavor coming from the oven, you will get even more impatient waiting for the results of your mutual family work.

Your free time is always pleasant if spent with Jiji