Change Your Life In 7 Simple Steps

Sometimes the circumstances are quite difficult to change – at least, not as quick to change as we would like to. We cannot get to work without getting into traffic, we cannot change an unpleasant person or erase the past. The only thing that remains in our disposal is to try to change our attitude to all of these life details.

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Step 1 – Calm Down Your Mind

1Take a deep breath and try to free your mind of all thoughts and talks. In this way, you will create some space for something new. Just take a break. Don’t say that you can’t or that you have no time. Yes, every next day is like a small battle, but the breaks are necessary. If we don’t rest, we invisibly “burn ourselves out”.

Step #2 – Abandon The Negative Thoughts

2There are no dead-end situations – there are people who make themselves sure there is no way out. Don’t let the negative thoughts make your whole life negative. Constantly replace the negative thoughts by good ones – and the surrounding will change over time.

Step #3 – Put The Worries Aside At Least For A Moment

3There is another “me” inside of each us who permanently remains calm. And he/she appears when we put all our worries aside. Our inner world doesn’t depend on the external circumstances. Peace can be found in any place and time – it is enough to utterly and completely, physically and emotionally get into the place where we are right now.

Step #4 – Say “Thank You”

4Maybe you don’t have Ferrari yet, and your house is not a 3-storied penthouse, but that what you have is enough for a normal life. Be grateful for what you have. Each one of us has lots of possibilities but everyone should get to understand that no one can ever know everything as well as own everything. So appreciate what you already have and know. Appreciate those enormous opportunities that are still ahead.

Step #5 – The Difficulties Are Also Useful

5If the road is easy, you probably are going the wrong way. The difficulties help us to develop, even if we are cursing everything around. The difficulties direct and improve us. But for this much of time is needed, a lot of time.

Step #6 – When You Finish Something, Turn Around And Realize What You Have Started From

6Sooner or later, but everything comes to an end. And we should learn to close the door, turn the page and go straight. The end indeed is not the end – it is a place where everything starts again.

Step #7 – When Your Fingers Are All Thumbs, Refer To Your Body For Help

7Your mind depends on your body. It responds to your muscles being tense, to the frequency of your breath and footsteps. And in the same way your body depends on your mind state and even on the words that we say. Seems like everything works in direct ratio to each other, so why not cheat your mind using your own body? Try to sit straight, smile, exhale and inhale a couple of times, stretch yourself well. Now, what you feel? Much relieved. Our body is a marvelous instrument, which one can use to change their attitude to life just in a minute.

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