Cool Motorcycle Stunts: How To’s. Part Two

When it comes to talking about motorcycle stunts, most of us remember only three terms – wheelie, stoppie and drifting.

However, when you go to popular entertainment competitions of stunt riding, you will hear from a commentator dozens of trick names performed by the athletes.

Some of them you will find in our previous post.

You will be amazed by the technique of controlling the bike that professional motorcycle riders display with special ease and highest excellence!


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Flamingo Wheelie

Flamingo wheelie

A flamingo wheelie is a modification of a traditional wheelie, during the performance of which the rider, having lifted the bike, extends one of his legs into the air thus reminding a sleeping flamingo.


No Description

Foot Drag

Foot drag

It’s a wheelie, in which the rider touches the ground with one foot. Foot drag can be performed by either touching or dragging. Some tricks require performing foot drags, such as dead-spin (fast circle reversal on the back wheel with zero speed).

James foot drag stunt bike street stunt

via YouTube Capture

Highchair Wheelie

Highchair wheelie

Highchair wheelie is performed with the rider sitting on the tank while both of his legs are put across the upper crossmember. In other words, it is a kind of tank wheelie in the highchair position. This position is also used for burnout and stoppie. It can be an independent stunt or part of combo or cycle wheelie (moving in a circle).

Highchair wheelie is one of the most difficult stunts. First, it is very dangerous: the rider is sitting in a high and uncomfortable position, in case he loses control it is quite challenging to jump off the bike. Second, it is difficult to control the bike with the body balance since the rider is tied to the crossmember and cannot make amplitude movements with his body.

High chair wheelie … stunt rider sufi

team2welve rocks!!!

Hand Drag

Hand drag

It is a kind of wheelie where the rider touches the ground with his hand. Generally drag-hand is performed in circles when the motorcycle is tilted and it is easier to reach the ground.


No Description

Stand Up Wheelie

Stand Up Wheelie

It is a wheelie in a standing position. The legs may be positioned on the passenger footrests, on the seat or yoke. Variation is quite acceptable. The method of lifting the bike is the same as in the traditional wheelie.

Such a position of the pilot’s body enables to improve the control of the balance point because of the greater space for movement. Furthermore, since the center of mass is shifted back it becomes easier to lift the bike into the “candle” position.

2007 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r Stand Up Wheelie Stunt

doing some 2nd gear stand ups was pretty windy that day..kept throwing me off. Basically just an off day, oh well.

Crazy Larry

Crazy Larry

Crazy Larry is a kind burnout when the rider stands on one foot on the ground and circles the motorcycle around it. The stunt is usually performed quickly on the cutoff. The rider is turning round on the roaring motorcycle surrounded by smoke.

50cc drift – crazy larry – rs50

Khalid stunting doing a crazy larry drift on his bike. Thanks to:



Chainsaw is a burnout that requires the motorcycle rider to hold the gas handle and turn the bike around.

Practicing CHAINSAW – Road Riderz, RRz – BD Bike Stunt – Bangladesh – Road Riderz RRz

Practicing CHAINSAW – Road Riderz, RRz – BD Bike Stunt – Bangladesh

Stand Still Burnout

Monday, 20 July 2009, Nurburgring. Germany. BMW Sauber F1 Team Race Club Fan Event. BMW Motorrad Motorsport Rider Ruben Xaus (ESP) makes a burn out on the BMW S 1000 RR. This image is copyright free for editorial use © BMW AG

Stand still is a burnout where the rider touches the ground with both of his feet while motorcycle is standing still with locked front wheel. It is the easiest stunt. Many stunt riders do not consider it a stunt at all.

Kawasaki Ninja Standing Burnout – Team No Limits Jason Britton Motorcycle Stunt

Jason Britton of Team No Limits shows off his great balance, doing a burnout on his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle while standing on the gas tank with one hand on the bars. I might attempt a standing burnout if I could find myself a source of free motorcycle tires.



Kangaroo is a 180 stoppie, in which the rider makes a 90 stoppie, jumps with the front wheel at the end of the braking distance and lands on 180 to the acceleration line. The jump is made with help of the energy of the compressed fork.

The most spectacular moment of the stunt is the jumping phase in which both wheels hover above the ground.


No Description

Side Saddle Stoppie

Side saddle stoppie

Side saddle stoppie is a stoppie, in which both legs of the rider are positioned on one side of the bike; they can both hang down or lean on the frame or footrest.

Gold Wing stunt side saddle, Charlie daye

Gold Wing Motorcycle Stunt by Charlie, riding side saddle and one handed going through the serpentine Goldwing stunt Motorcycle stunts charlie daye side saddle riding gold wing gl1800 trick riding GWRRA practice tight turns lean slow race fast


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