Easy Tips To Save Water Living In Everyday Life

The problem of water saving is becoming increasingly important and is an object of concerns for each person involved in daily things – such as bathing, washing hands, dishwashing etc.

Here are some ways to save water at home from Jiji:

Washing. Washing clothes in the washing machine requires much less water than washing clothes by hands. In addition, you should know that semi-automatic machines require a greater amount of water compared to the full-automatic machine for washing. The drum must be fully loaded in order to achieve the most efficient use of water.

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Bathing. Very often you can hear that using a shower is much more economical than to take a bath. But this is possible only in certain cases. Regarding the shower, it takes much less water than bathing in the bathroom, but only if you take a shower very fast and exhibit the proper water pressure.

Installation of a water meter. Installation of a water meter, of course, does not guarantee one hundred percent water saving but provides a decent save to the family budget. It is unlikely that you will require some amount of water, for which the payment is made in the absence of a water meter. In addition, this device is always alert about cases of hidden water leaks.

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Nozzles for water savings. Relatively inexpensive and easy way to save water at home is the use of water-saving devices. The main their purpose is to reduce the flow of water.

Flushing the toilet. Firstly, it is possible to install a toilet bowl with two water discharge modes. Second, it is enough to put in the cistern liter or two-liter water bottle filled with water. The main thing is to pay attention to the bowl, which should not violate the flushing mechanism.

Replace conventional faucets in sinks and bathroom on lever ones. By replacing them you can achieve significant water savings due to the more rapid mixing of hot and cold water. This is able to greatly reduce the unnecessary water consumption.

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Fix faucets as quickly as it’s possible. It should be noted that during the three hundred to five hundred liters of water can escape by a trickle.

When brushing your teeth or shaving, use a glass of water.

Do not put frozen food under cold running water, this will save a huge amount of water.

Use a cork and wash the dishes in the sink.

Wash in the bathroom using a bucket or basin. The accumulated water can be used for flushing the toilet.

The acquisition of drinking water. If in the area where you live, there are natural sources of water – do not neglect them.

Collect water from wells or pump rooms, it will help you save money.

By using these simple tips, you will be able to make rational use of water and save money on utility bills. For saving on the purshases, use Jiji!