A Friend Among Foes: Blend Into The Work Team!

The desire to establish yourself in new working team akin to the work of a field engineer: one careless step – and you will explode your fragile credibility into small pieces.

Going to be a good performer – they can start using you, going to be an upscale specialist –your colleagues will envy you…

So how to develop a strategy to become a friend among foes and to keep your face in the same time?


There are certain rules.

Read, think and make your conclusions!

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Ask questions


But only those related to work – you should grow to ask personal questions!

If you are going to ask a question – try to choose a good time for that, do not distract others in the midst of a working day or a busy meeting. Do not be shy to ask – this is quite normal in a new place, but do it politely and correctly.

Be careful with mentors


Receive informal mentoring with gratitude. But, still, be careful: is such assistance really selfless?

It happens that “mentor” ceases to find an assistant in a new employer to offload a part of his work, or a companion for office warfare.

Find a support


Try to find someone in the team who will tell you about the peculiarities of corporate culture. It is useful to know whether you can dine in the workplace and whether you can check personal email from your computer.

It often happens that the person with whom you first get to know at the new job becomes your good buddy. So, don’t be afraid to go on contact but do not be too intrusive.

Think before saying


Keep in mind that they forgive much to “newcomers”. And only one thing can cause negative reaction: no one likes gossipers. Take a rule – you go to work, “leave your tongue home”.

Each team can find “well-wisher”, who will give your gossips to superiors – and you will be fired.

Don’t be too shy


A “shy guy” is quite a dangerous shortcut that can stick almost instantly. Under the guise of a shy guy there often lurk those who secretly report to superiors about what is happening, or who are among their favorites. Colleagues don`t like both of these categories.

So be confident and natural. Ask questions if something is unclear.

Friendliness, but not familiarity!


Communicate with colleagues, be friendly, ask about the traditions of the company and try to smoothly integrate into the overall process.

Just don’t try to become “a friend among foes” as soon as possible, let it happen gradually and naturally. Persevering familiarity and persistent attempts to log in to the “inner circle” could only alienate colleagues!

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