Improve Your Sleep Using An iPhone

In order to be happy and productive during the day, we need to have a good night’s sleep. The number of hours required to fully restore your body and mind depends on a lot of factors, but generally it’s believed that an adult needs to spend an average of 7 hours in bed. In the past few years iPhone users have gotten access to numerous apps helping to monitor and improve our sleep, and here are 5 iPhone apps we believe to be the best.

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Sleep Cycle

If you’re using an alarm clock to get up every morning, you know that the sound of the alarm and the realization that you can’t stay in bed any longer is one of the most stressful times of the day. The reason for that may be that the alarm goes off at the time when you are in a deep sleep phase, which lowers your productivity and makes you feel tired all the time. Sleep Cycle is an app built to monitor your sleep phases using the data from your breath and movements, calculating the perfect time to wake you up within a given period of time.


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This app is based on the same idea as the previous one – by tracking your activity during the night, SleepBot helps you understand your sleep cycles and wake up at the best possible time, when your sleep is at its lightest phase. With the help of SleepBot you can also get a detailed analysis of your sleep, including sleep time, hours of sleep, sleep phases, wake time, and the hours of potential sleep you’ve lost that night. For a more thorough understanding of your sleep, you can leave notes for every night, describing your sleeping experience and complaints.


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DigiPill is a very diverse and functional app that not only helps you beat insomnia, but is also helpful for a number of different things, including losing weight, increasing your motivation, fighting stress, becoming more confident, etc. The users of the app get “digital pills” that are essentially guides to meditation and help you unlock your subconscious in order to achieve the various objectives described above. These meditations are short, but powerful, allowing you to change the aspects of life you’re unhappy with, including bad sleep. Even if you don’t believe in meditation as a healing tool, this app is still worth a try.


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If your sleep problems are not too serious, and you simply can’t fall asleep due to moderate amounts of stress, you can try Pzizz, an app that uses psychoacoustics to help you fall asleep. By launching an app and pressing the button, you receive a blend of calming music, sound effects, and voiceover, that work together to help you achieve relaxation, ease your mind, cause you to fall asleep faster, and get a longer, more refreshing night’s sleep. After a while you’ll notice that waking up has become easier too – all thanks to this app!


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Pillow works wonders as an iPhone app, but it really shines when you pair it with an Apple watch and iPhone’s Health app. Essentially, Pillow matches your sleep data with your other sleep parameters to help you understand which aspects of your life and health influence your sleep and how you can make it better. Pillow can also serve as a gentle alarm clock, and you can even program it to nap mode if you only need 20 minutes of sleep in between work. This app is also very useful if you suspect you have apnea or talk in your sleep – it records every sound you make during the night and presents the data to you in the morning.


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