How To Learn To Like Your House Right Now?

Probably many people meet the situation when it would seem, the repair  is already completed, and interior exactly embodies all the original ideas, but …

Very soon appears a desire to make changes or some details start to appear out of place, etc. On the one hand, the situation is simple, and many people can say that there is no limit to perfection. On the other hand, it may make sense to learn to value and like what we have? Let it even applies to our house, apartment or room. After all, you can be happy and enjoy the environment, instead of looking for drawbacks. This small tricks will help you to achieve harmony with your dwelling.

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The principle of wabi-sabi

Even if you are not fond of Japanese culture and philosophy, it can prevent to use some of its principles. In this case, the philosophy of wabi-sabi is that the true beauty is in the transience and imperfection
For example, showered petals that have begun to fade colors are more perfect and beautiful than their ideal equivalent because they emphasize momentary state of things around us. Agree, this is a new and unusual point of view at the very notion of perfection.

The best cure – household cares

Agree, desire for change is in some sense the thirst for movement and activity. And this means that it is easy to solve the problem if you keep yourself busy. It is not surprising that a little cleaning will help to cool your ardor to change something.
For example, wash the dishes at the buffet or clean utensils, disassemble the contents of the box or chest, arrange drugs in the medicine cabinet or cosmetics on the dresser, etc.

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Use kitchen more often

Try as much as possible not only to plunge into the atmosphere of home but do something active in it. Perhaps the kitchen is the most popular place with this point of view. Most often, it becomes the “heart” of the house, where all family members and sometimes guests are gathered.
Therefore, use the kitchen, create culinary masterpieces in it, filling the house with warmth and comfort.

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 Get rid of unnecessary things

Such an event should not be confused with the dramatic changes, especially because you can start with small things and move in stages – from shelf to shelf, from box to box, from the cabinet to cabinet, from room to room. Look closely, perhaps for the last time you have accumulated a lot of things in good condition, but that you have not used, and are unlikely to re-use. It is not necessary to throw them – you can sell all on Jiji!. This not only helps  to forget about the thirst for changes but also bring peace of pleasure.

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Stay in private with your house

Often we do not have time to look around and enjoy the surrounding environment. After a hard day’s work, we are immersed in the world of TV news, the Internet and other trendy entertainments.

Turn the weekend in a real vacation – unplug the phones, televisions, and electronic gadgets. Spend your free time with your family, communicate, cook the cake at your kitchen  then be happy to try it while drinking tea in the cozy lounge. Like your house, and it will be a fortress of warmth and comfort for you!

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