Live Easier: Unique Life Hacks For Life!

Why do we need life hacks?

To simplify your life! If your daily life becomes much easier, who knows, maybe there will be enough time and strength for those great deeds that you planned long ago?!

Read, smile, try to practice, save your time and money – be the hero!

Coffee awakens the mind

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Where is my key??

In order to not forget whether you’d shut the door, take a rule to do something unusual before you exit. For example, take the habit of humming a song, or even dance!


What do women want?

If you do not know what to give to your girl – just tell her that you have already bought her a present. We give 95% that her curiosity will make her ask questions like: “Is it Louboutin shoes?», or «Is it Peugeot I always wanted?». This will be your tip!

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Comfortable sleep of a child

Do you need a bed for your kid, but you don`t have money to buy it? Use an upturned table!


Vivid dreams

If you’re going to drink an apple juice at bedtime, the substances it contains will make your dreams brighter!

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How to measure pasta?

Don`t know how much pasta to take? The neck of the bottle will measure the exact portion of spaghetti per person — no more and no less!


Origami dishes for guests

The guests have suddenly arrived, and you don`t have enough dishes? Wonderful life hack – origami for beautiful serving fruits and vegetables during receptions, weddings, and other occasions.


Remove rusty plaque easily!

There is a simple and effective way to remove the rusty plaque from the plumbing surfaces – a piece of foil is your best helper!

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“Clean” ice for cocktails

If you freeze an ice for cocktails, and it turns out that you have muddy ice, simply boil the water you are going to freeze, and have perfectly white ice cubes!


Smart refueling

Maybe you didn’t know, but: an arrow near the icon of a column (refueling) indicates which side is the neck of the refueling tank situated.


Where to put office supplies??

Need to clear the table from all that office supplies? Use either an old magazine:

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… or cups, clamps, ropes, and mounting – and hang it all on the wall!


How to clean a lipstick stain

Did you soil your dress with a lipstick stain? It`s not a problem – you can remove it using a usual hairspray!



Are you going to make a dirty work, but afraid to soil your hands? Put some soap on them. This will create a protective film that you can easily remove together with the dirt!


Smart list for a trip

Start your trip not from the list «What should I take?», but from the list «What is definitely needed?». This way you will significantly ease your life and go with smaller suitcases!


Vases out of kid`s bottles

The kids grew up and you don`t want to throw out their old bottles? Make cute vases out of them!

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