Main Things You Should Know About Facial Laser Resurfacing

Smooth and elastic skin is a dream of the most people. Beauty industry offers a lot of procedures to achieve perfect skin condition. One of the most effective procedures is a laser resurfacing. But before you should  decide, does beauty worth such pain.

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Indications for laser resurfacing and how it differs from the peel

  • The presence of facial wrinkles in the mouth area.
  • The skin is constantly exposed to the sun.
  • Small wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Uneven or strong pigmentation.
  • Precancerous growths.
  • Scar from chickenpox, acne, or the effects of trauma.
  • Sagging of the skin, loss of tone.

Laser resurfacing differs from the laser peeling by depth of the impact: peeling affects no more than 30 microns while after laser resurfacing skin is cleaned up to the depth of the basal membrane, that is, one hundred and fifty microns.

All the “pros” and “cons” of laser face resurfacing

Unfortunately, there are contraindications to the procedure, such as:

  •     inflammation of the skin or infectious disease;
  •     diabetes;
  •     tuberculosis;
  •     epilepsy;
  •     bleeding disorder;
  •     condition after stroke, wearing a pacemaker;
  •     pregnancy.

Reviews of women who passed all stages of the procedure, and did not neglect the competent care of the skin after treatment confirm that the laser resurfacing procedure is very effective and suitable for women who are used to take care of their own appearance and want to achieve good results.

The duration of resurfacing depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the skin condition. About soreness we can say almost the same thing: for someone a local anesthetic in the form of a gel is enough, someone will need injections and analgesics, someone will complain to the perceived pain, even while under the influence of anesthesia and tablets, and someone passes all and calls feelings quite tolerant. After resurfacing the skin burns, but these feelings are quite tolerant.

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The essence of the most resurfacing , which takes place after a week of preparations, is that at the first stage touching the laser beam evaporates dead skin particles and cells, after which the entire epidermis starts to intensively regenerate, forming thinnest elastic collagen film. The second stage provides that warm reaches deeper portions of the epidermis. That collagen that was formed on the stage one, begins to reduce its fibers, making the skin more elastic.

Experienced beautician must correctly choose the stimulation depth. For someone one impact is be enough, for someone can be assigned to the second and third stages.

“Before” and “after” laser resurfacing

Preparation for the procedure begins approximately one month before and includes a range of cleaning facial treatments that are performed on a weekly basis. Deep resurfacing of the face may require three to five-day hospital stay, as the skin will resemble weeping burn surface and will need the healing process. After procedure, you will need to lubricate the skin with panthenol – containing creams, try to avoid exposure to water vapor, ultraviolet, cosmetics, scrubs. Do not think that three days will be enough for a full recovery, sometimes it lasts from several months to a year. In the most “serious” cases, doctors apply bio-synthetic film. Only a month later it will be possible to begin to wash with baby soap. Prior to this, the skin will have to be cleaned with special recommended by the beautician, lotions.

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Proper skin care after resurfacing ensures its beautiful views over time.  “Ramentums” will disappear from the eighth to the tenth day, in their place will appear the skin without the slightest hint of burns. One and a half or two months nothing will be noticeably.