Man Made To Carry His Dead Wife For Miles

“If you’ve got no money, put the dead body of your wife on your shoulders and carry it on your own arms back home” – that must have been what the ambulance workers thought when this poor Indian man asked them to help with transporting his 42-year-old wife from the hospital.


Mrs. Majhi died from tuberculosis in one of the hospitals located 50 miles away from her hometown. When Dana Majhi, her husband, requested a vehicle to help him transport the dead body of his wife to do the last rites, it seemed like no one listened. So, in the end, he had got nothing to do as to wrap his wife in sheets and carry her on his own shoulders back home.

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When the courtesy of local youths alerted the officials about the case and who ordered the hospital workers to come for help, Mr. Majhi had already carried the body for 7 miles. Besides that, his teen daughter was walking by crying of her loss and the inhumanity of the people around.


When Mr. Majhi was asked by the reporters what he supposed was the reason for such actions, he answered: “Since I am a poor man and could not hire a private vehicle, I had no choice than carrying her on my shoulders”.

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