Which Mobile OS Is The Most Secure?

Mobile security is one of the most pressing tech topics nowadays. Every day we hear reports about another OS or app getting hacked and user data being stolen. Security in mobile operating systems is a very complex subjects that consists of dozens of aspects, and different mobile OS offer different levels of security to their users. Want to know which operating system to choose if you care about security? Then keep reading!

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Apple takes the security of its mobile users very seriously, which is why it employs a number of cutting-edge security mechanisms. One of the most noteworthy is the App Store, Apple’s database of apps and games. Every app created by third parties must go through a thorough security check in order to be accepted into the App Store, which is why you never have to worry about an app downloaded from App Store compromising your data. However, there are known cases about Apple devices being hacked – either through infected apps or through iCloud, an online storage solution. But Apple’s closed source code, built-in encryption, and other advanced security measures are more than enough for an average user to feel absolutely safe while using their iPhone.



In the past Android has been criticized for its lack of security measures and slow response to the security threats; in fact, a hacker could compromise your data by simply sending a suspect MMS message to your phone. Plus, Android is built on open source code, and its Google Play store isn’t as thoroughly moderated as the Apple’s App Store, which means that hackers could easily place their malicious app in between other apps and threaten the security of thousands of users. If you’re worried about a particular app, you can research Android user forums to see if the app is really questionable. It’s also important to check your security settings from time to time and toggle them to ensure better protection.



BlackBerry phones have been on top of the popularity ranks only a few years ago, but were surpassed in demand by Android and iOS devices. Recently BlackBerry started releasing Android-based phones, which means that newer BlackBerries are subjected to the same security threats as other Android devices. However, older BB models, built on the original BlackBerry OS, have been praised for their security by many people, including Barack Obama. The most notable security technology employed in older BB phones is the end-to-end encryption, which is exactly what made these devices safe enough for the White House and other governments of the world.


Windows Phone

Windows Phone is one of the least popular mobile OS and can be mostly found on Nokia phones, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer the necessary level of security to their users. Let’s start with the Windows App Store, which only contains apps that have been vetted by Microsoft’s security specialists. Additionally, every app you download functions independently and doesn’t interact with other apps, which is what makes it different from Android. And, last but not least, Microsoft regularly releases security updates for its devices, so if you want your Windows Phone to be as secure as possible, make sure to update your phone as frequently as possible, and you’re going to be fine.


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