Paddington The Dog And Butler The Cat

Shar Pei Dog Paddington and cat Butler are inseparable best friend and the sweetest pair of all that you have ever seen. They live in Tasmania with three other cats and owner Annie Jacob, who please us with theirs’ stunning photos in Instagram.

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The Shar Pei is often dressed in fancy clothes, and sits patiently beside its feline friend. Dog often “suffers” from Butler’s antics, while their owner does amazing shots. Sometimes Butler looks near its friend like a cat wrapped in a woolen blanket. Shar Pei breed is one of the rarest species in the world. Its name is translated from Chinese as a “sand skin”. Shar pei exotic appearance looks like a small dog wears the skin of a bigger one!

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Such friendship is very rare indeed. This idyllic relationship between animals  manifests in the fact that pets play together, greet each other with their noses, sleep embracing each other, and even eat from the same plate. But to make your pets behave the same, the steps should be made not only by them, but by you, too, as their owner. You must behave wisely and correctly, without singling out any of your animals, without giving the privileges and advantages for one over the other. Where there is no equality – there can be no friendship.









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