4 Most Popular Ways To Whiten Teeth At Home

Beautiful smile – means, first of all, healthy, white teeth. The modern successful people must have beautiful teeth – it is an axiom! Whiten teeth at home is a procedure that is often used by smokers and coffee drinkers, as their habits lead to the enamel getting yellow. The enamel color is also influenced by the quality of the daily cleaning of the teeth, many of us do it in a hurry, and as a result do not fully clean enamel also turns yellow. Dentists recommend brushing teeth at least three minutes.
Contrary to popular belief, white teeth – is not a sign of increased calcium and dental health, it depends on genetic predisposition. To get white teeth is possible by regularly using a whitening toothpaste. It is interesting to learn that the most robust and rich in calcium enamel, in fact, has a yellowish tint.

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Many people can not afford professional teeth whitening, and some are not willing to do the procedure, having the fear it will damage the tooth enamel. In fact, you can whiten your teeth at home, and yes, the effect is not so spectacular, but will cost you much cheaper. In this procedure, there is the main rule – do no harm, so you should strictly adhere to the recommendations, which will be described below.

Whitening process, by its nature, is a change in color of the upper layer of enamel using special tools. At the same time, it becomes a snow-white smile. In this procedure, there are pitfalls of which you should talk with your dentist.

So, you decide to whiten your teeth at home, your dentist has given you some recommendations, now it’s time to determine the method of whitening.

1. Whiten teeth with a special whitening paste

This is a simple and inexpensive method. Unfortunately, the most inefficient, because using a special toothpaste effectively removes only dental deposit and itself does not change the color of the enamel. The use of this toothpaste is best to limit the period of one month, as the further use of it can damage the enamel.

2. Whiten teeth with activated carbon

For its application as a bleaching agent, it must be crushed, then put it on a brush and clean your teeth. Carbon efficiently cleans plaque and has a slight abrasion of the tooth enamel. This method of bleaching is also ineffective, but virtually harmless to the teeth enamel.

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3. Whiten your teeth using lemon or baking soda

Just a couple of simple ways that you can apply at home. You can whiten your teeth, rubbing in lemon peel. Also, you can rub teeth with the cloth impregnated with soda. Both of these methods are simple and effective, but a frequent usage of such bleaching is not necessary because you can damage the enamel, and then the teeth will become painfully sensitive.

4. Whiten teeth using a special gel

This is perhaps the most professional way that can be done at home. It involves the use of a special whitening gel.
There are two ways of using such whitening gel.

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The first method involves applying a special brush to apply gel to the teeth, then the gel solidifies on the teeth and should be gradually washed out by saliva. For a high-quality teeth whitening, you need to regularly apply the gel for two or three weeks. This method is very gentle to the tooth enamel and provides a long-lasting whitening effect. The same thing can be done with a teeth whitening pen.

The second method is based on the use of special mouthguard, which is filled with gel and can be put on the teeth at night. The longer the kappa is on the teeth, the better it whitens your teeth. The advantage of this method is that you relax, and the result can be monitored and adjusted in consultation with the dentist.

In general, according to dentists, the most natural is a yellowish enamel. It can have not so beautiful appearance, but is very strong. Weigh the pros and cons and make a decision – whether or not to whiten your teeth. If you do decide on this procedure, try to minimize the negative impact of the tooth whitening.

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