Prevent Your iPhone From Overheating

Apple devices like iPhone and iPad can be as powerful as desktop computers and laptops, but, unlike regular computers, those devices don’t have a cooling mechanism or a fan inside. That is why iPhones are prone to overheating, especially due to constant use or high temperature outside. Find out why it happens and how to take care of an iPhone that is getting too hot!

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Why is your iPhone overheating?

There are numerous reasons for an Apple device to overheat, and while some of the reasons are linked with outside weather conditions, most of the time these problems come from the way you use your device. Here are top 5 reasons for an iPhone to overheat:

  • Charging the phone while doing other smartphone activities
  • Active use of heavy apps like video and audio editors
  • Playing a 3D or other demanding game
  • Constant use of GPS, especially if you have an older iPhone model
  • Streaming videos at high quality for hours

These five activities cause your iPhone to produce increased amounts of heat, but due to the phone having full metal housing, the heat has nowhere to escape and is trapped inside the device. Another possible reason for overheating may be the plastic and silicone iPhone cases that insulate the heat and prevent it from going out. When the heat reaches a critical level, you’ll see an error screen telling you that you can’t use your phone until it cools down.


Luckily for owners, overheating usually doesn’t pose any long-term negative effect on the device, which means that as soon as the iPhone cools down, it will be working as good as it used to before overheating. However, there is still one possible risk – the lithium ion battery in your iPhone can still go out of order if the device is subjected to direct heat for several hours, but these cases are rare and, unless you leave your phone outside very often, you shouldn’t be worried about that.

What to do when your iPhone overheats?

When you see a message that your device is temporarily disabled due to overheating, you need to try and determine the reason for the high temperature of the device. Here are the common solutions that should definitely work:

  • Unplug the phone from the charger
  • Turn the device off
  • If your iPhone is in a case, remove the case
  • Take the phone out of the sunlight and place it in a cool place
  • Wait for the device to cool down


In most cases, these solutions are enough to get your iPhone into a working condition again. Remember: one thing you should never do is place a hot iPhone into a fridge to cool off, because when the temperature inside the device goes down too quickly, it can cause the air to condensate, which can lead to internal damage of the iPhone and its components. The key here is to let the device cool down gradually.

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