Top 5 Useful Apps For Health

Thanks to smartphones it is possible to say that our health is now in our hands. And this is not just a figure of speech.  Various applications allow us to monitor our  weight and blood pressure, count calories input and kilometers that we have walked, control cholesterol level, blood sugar levels, and the quality of our sleep.


However, not all such applications are equally useful. We conducted a deep analysis of more than 40 000 applications and found out that more than half of them are just toys.

We have selected the most practical health applications for you to rely on!

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Period Tracker

Platform: iOS, Android

This program is designed for women who wish to keep track of their menstrual cycle. When the period begins you just press a special key and the application starts counting the days.

Period 1

The calendar contains all the data necessary to calculate the average menstrual cycle over the last decade to predict the start of the next menstruation. It will also be able to determine if your period is late. There is even a margin for notes about how you feel during your period.

Download the app:

[appbox appstore 720796332?mt=8  simple]

[appbox googleplay com.period.tracker.lite simple]

Amazing app for tracking your cycle (Period tracker app) SHARE THIS

Hello beautiful soul, I have found this amazing app for tracking your cycle. It is a brilliant period tracker with lots of fun features. It’s easy to use and you can really get to know your own rhythms and moods.


Platform: iOS, Android

This app allows users to keep track of how much they move and whether they have enough rest. If there is a problem with this, the application will indicate this and prompt you to install additional reminders that you should get up from the computer, do some exercises or just go to bed. This, in fact, is very important today when we are used to spending our days sitting and working too much!

Juice 1

In addition, you can find useful tips from professional trainers and nutritionists in the application menu.

Download the app:

[appbox appstore 564226056?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.mindbloom.juice simple]

Juice iPhone Video App Review

The iPhone App Review plays with Juice, a new energy-tracking app for the iOS!

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Platform: iOS, Android

This program was developed by a famous American sleep specialist Andrew Johnson to help people solve problems with falling asleep. This application is for people who spend hours tossing and turning in bed and are unable to fall asleep.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson 1

It is really nothing supernatural: Johnson offers a set of meditative practices that help overcome the stress accumulated during the day and fall asleep in just a couple of minutes. To enhance the effect, the author recommends listening to the music in your headphones for meditation looking at the display of the smartphone at the same time – the desired effect is achieved only in combination of visual and audio effects.

Download the app:

[appbox appstore 337349999?mt=8  simple]

[appbox googleplay com.hivebrain.andrewjohnson.deepsleep&hl=ru simple]

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson – APK Review

Visit: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Put on your headphones and drift to sleep with this relaxing guided meditation intended to clear your mind and enable you to get deep restful sleep. Thousands of people have used Andrew Johnson’s apps on the iPhone and Android to improve and enhance their lives.

Drink Control

Platform: iOS, Android

Drink Control keeps a record of the amount of the alcohol you drink and the money you spend on it. The program offers you to enter the information about the consumed cocktails and plain alcoholic beverages into its database. It will automatically calculate the number of calories and units of alcohol in your blood.

Drink control 2

One day you will be able to take a look at how much money you have spent on various types of booze and it might become a decisive factor in overcoming your addiction.

Download the app:

[appbox appstore 456207840?mt=8  simple]

[appbox googleplay lv.happymoments.drinkcontrol&hl=uk simple]


No Description

Doctor on demand

Platform: iOS, Android

Fancy taking a video consultation from a qualified physician, psychologist or just any other kind of a doctor without having to leave home! You don’t have to pay to sign-up and there are no subscription fees as well. Doctor On Demand specialists are carefully selected, board-certified, and have a successful practice in the state where you live.

Doctor on demand 1

Doctor On Demand is an ideal option for you or your children to help with minor infections, cough/cold/allergies/flu, questions about your child’s health, and emotional health matters. Physicians will devote their total attention to your concerns without interruptions or distractions.

Doctor On Demand demonstrates stunning popularity statistics: it can boast of more than 500,000 installations and more than 5872 votes A + rating to 4.6 stars!

Download the app:

[appbox appstore 591981144?mt=8  simple]

[appbox googleplay simple]

Doctor On Demand Review

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