Top 7 Inspiring Basketball Video Lessons

You can do a lot of talking about basketball but you should better start training effectively right now/

For the beginning, watch these great instructional videos from famous basketball coaches!

We have picked for you a few instructional videos with effective exercises for both beginners and advanced basketball players.


So, do not jump the gun – jump for joy!

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A jump shot and speed development

There are 8 different exercises aimed to develop the skills of both jump shot and starting speed!


These exercises are designed to mimic various movements of basketball players during the game, which makes them twice as effective. In order to perform these exercises, you will need some sort of elevation, preferably a stationary one.

You can also use a sturdy chair, but it is not the best option since it is not completely motionless, and there is a risk of falling when you jump on it.

8 Killer Explosiveness Drills for Basketball Players (Box Jumps)

Here are 8 killer box jump drills you can do to increase your explosiveness on the court this season. This video is powered by Thanks for watching! .

Playing in the central position

The main objective in this case is to step behind the defender’s leg. To do this your step should be wide enough, but not too much – otherwise, you will just lose your balance.


If you are not able to step behind the defender’s leg from where you’re standing, make the ball hit the ground, shift yourself a little, and then try again.

Next – when you are turning – keep your elbow high and parallel to the ground – this way you will be able to limit the movements of the defender and prevent him from regaining his position quickly.

Post Move Leg Whip

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Attacking movements

The fake shot is one of the most popular tricks in basketball. Begin the exercise by performing it, and then take a step with a hit, crossover the ball in front of you – preferably with a short pause. Then perform a sharp acceleration with a change of movement.


A hit, two steps and it’s the time to throw the ball over the defense on a high trajectory. You can alternate and perform it both with the rebound from the shield and without it.

NBA Drills – Shot Fake Counter with Crossover Drill

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Shooting quicker off the dribble

You probably know the situation when you want to shoot off the dribble but find it difficult to handle the ball so fast. As a result, your shot is an air ball, or you end up not throwing at all and start to look for a free partner.

Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant dribbles past Boston Celtics' Ray Allen in Game 1 of the NBA Finals basketball championship in Boston, June 5, 2008. REUTERS/Brian Snyder (UNITED STATES)

There is always a way out, and today we will show you a fantastic exercise to develop your shot speed. Micah Lancaster, a recognized basketball coach, will help us with it. Just check it out!

How to Shoot Quicker Off The Dribble in Basketball –

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Improving passing skills


Some tips that you should take into account:

  1. Try to keep your back straight while doing the exercise, do not slouch!
  2. Try to look ahead, at the point where you will pass the ball, not on the ball itself!

Dre Baldwin: Stationary Pound-Pass Drill | Jeremy Lin Passing Workout

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Vertical jumping drill

This is another small video lesson from Dre Baldwin. It is very simple and yet a very effective exercise for basketball players.

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Dre recommends doing it according to the formula: 20-15-8-4-2-1 times in a set. In addition to perfecting the jump, this exercise contributes to the development of general endurance.

Easy Basketball Vertical Jumping Drill | Jump Manual Air Alert 3 AA3 Workouts | Dre Baldwin

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A work-out for the legs

This short video features some great exercises to develop agility and improve vertical jump. It is recommended for all basketball players to view and practice! Do not waste your time; summer is the perfect time for self-improvement!


There are only two key points: all the movements should be performed with the knees bent, try to do everything at maximum speed!

And finally do not forget to warm up before exercising, otherwise, you may get hurt!

Basketball Player Training

Lateral Speed and Vertical Leap training for basketball players

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