How To Use Dishwasher Properly And Economically is very useful appliance. Its usage saves water and electricity. But did you know, that you can economize even when you already purchased it?

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Most of all dishwashers have two basket for dishes. The bottom place is for large items:. pans, pots, large plates, etc. The top can be used for cleaning conventional plates, saucers, cups, etc. For iron should be a special tray. If there is no any, you can purchase the desired item separately.

Load dishes properly and you will prolong service life of your dishwasher and will provide better cleaning.

For optimal positioning, you should start load from the bottom basket. Dishes should be placed more towards the edges, and less close at the center.

Since the dishwasher washes and supplies water from the bottom up, it is necessary to put mugs, cups and other hollow objects upside down. Otherwise, they remain in water together with detergent. You can set the dishes at each other, but this is not recommended.

In addition, here is a list what the dishes must not be washed in the dishwasher:

  • items made of wood: knives, equipped with wooden handles, butchering boards etc .;
  • dishes with cracks or glued;
  • not resistant to heat the dishes made of plastic and glass;
  • products from tin and copper, as well as ordinary steel, nonresistant to corrosion.

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It should be noted that the dishwasher can not wash with conventional agents for dishwashing. For it the special detergents are used. They are marketed either in powder or in tablet form. How much product you should pour in your case is usually described on its packaging. However, an average dishwasher of one cycle consumes up to 30 grams of detergent.

Tablets are more convenient. For one cycle you will need one tablet. It is not recommended  to use tablets for benign programs, as they simply do not have time to dissolve. It should be noted that the tablet may be single-layered, multi-layered or combined. Last one is the most universal. Also,tablets can contain detergent builders, and rinsing and regenerating salt. If the dishwasher model allows the use of such tablets, the owner is deprived of necessity to acquisition of three diverse substances.

Among other things, it is necessary to use special means to care for the appliance itself. After 20 cycles, the device should be washed with degreasing agent. To do this, just turn on any program, and instead detergent use some degreaser. It allows you to clean up all the fat from the surface of the device.

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Also, experts recommend wash the dishwasher idle, ie without utensils every six months of usage. But instead of detergent you need to pour a special product against scale. It is also possible to use citric acid. It is necessary to pour as much as you use a detergent powder.

If you do not plan to run a wash dishes right now, it worth to put the dirty dishes in the machine. The door of the dishwasher is closed tightly. In the device, food residues will not stick to dishes and pans, even if dishes will stay in the dishwasher all day. Then in the evening you can use economical washing program without additional rinsing.
Do not forget to protect your dishwasher from hard water and its eternal companion – scale, set a water treatment system.

To prevent the formation of scale is much cheaper than to pay for the consequences – unwashed dishes, electricity overrun, and the repair the dishwasher.

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