₦367,500 For A Room: The Ultimate Luxury

Patience Jonathan, the former First Lady and wife of the President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan, is no stranger to controversy: despite her renowned career and numerous accomplishments as the First Lady, she has also repeatedly been part of various scandals. The new development of the story of Patience Jonathan is the Yenagoa hotel, which she is believed to have acquired illegally.

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One of the latest scandals involving the former President’s wife accuses Patience of designing elaborate money laundering schemes which are now becoming public. Reportedly, she has used a variety of money laundering options, although the most prevalent ones were opening illegal accounts through her helpers. However, it’s not just secret bank accounts that are part of Mrs. Jonathan’s schemes, as two hotels, located in Yenagoa and Abuja, are also thought to be part of the process.


Both hotels have been acquired in illegal ways and are currently under investigation. While the government is making efforts to take the expensive property back, we can get some insight into how one of the most luxurious hotels in Nigeria looks and functions. The hotel in question is the Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa, located in Okaka Estate, Yenagoa. With over 200 rooms, including suites, and as much as ?367,500 per room per night, you’ll have to try very hard to find a hotel as opulent and costly as the one run by Patience Jonathan.


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