5 Newest iPhone7 Upgrades The World Hasn’t Seen Before

The new iPhone 7 has probably shown the biggest amount of upgrades of the previous version, as compared to its predecessors. It has managed to impress everyone with its new much better-looking design, much higher screen resolution, and a longer lasting battery’s life. But of course, there are much more interesting features the new iPhone generation was granted with and which you surely must learn about.

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Water & Dust Proof

1The newer iPhone 7 model claims to be water and dust resistant. The manufacturer says one can put the smart phone under water for as deep as 1 meter and keep it there for as long as 30 minutes. Of course, it is not recommended to experiment and check whether it is indeed true, but you can be 100% sure that the raindrops and splashes are no longer enemies of this great device.

Dual Camera

2The iSight camera or in other words – the dual camera is that special feature of an upgraded iPhone 7 other smart phones cannot be proud of yet. The 12-megapixel and an 8-megapixels cameras are put together side by side. These two cameras are like two best friends that work together cooperatively and shoot as one.

Stereo System

3It is for sure that no other smart phone could ever boast with a stereo system integrated into its body. It is said to be 2x times louder than the iPhone 6s. So you can only imagine how much more convenient and pleasant it has become to listen to music on your new device, moreover, it regards not only listening to the audio files, but you can also watch the videos and movies that provide you with the feeling like you’re sitting in the cinema room.

Wireless Headphones

4The wireless headphones is just another unique characteristic of an iPhone 7. Now you can forget about the wires that mix up in some magical way when placed inside your bag. The AirPods are just two small devices that can be easily put in your ears and which are ready to work instantly with all your Apple devices. The only specification is that for now their working capacity is equal to 5 hours, but it’s more than just enough for a single day of use.

iOS 10

5The Apple’s Operating System has always been one step ahead from other smart phone manufacturers’ operating systems. And this time the new iOS 10 has proved to be several steps ahead. For example, Siri has learnt to distinguish your talk, she can now execute any of your requests if you simply ask her – like sending someone a payment using your card or making a reservation. The iOS 10 is a lot much smarter than its predecessors, as now it can suggest you the apps you will probably enjoy much – and these presumptions are made on the information you search using your smart phone.

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