5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Tablet

A tablet can hardly be called a brand new and exciting gadget – tablets have been around for more than five years, and it seems like their popularity is winding down, especially compared to the success of large screen smartphones that now dominate the market. However, tablets have a number of advantages over the more traditional devices, and here are 5 signs for you to get a tablet PC even if you haven’t considered buying one before.

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The perfect travel companion

We travel for new experiences and adventures, but it doesn’t mean that some aspects of the trip, like a 9-hour flight or a quiet evening by the hotel pool, can’t be made more fun with the help of a tablet. The variety of tablet sizes, especially if you prefer Android-based gadgets, is enough to help you find the ideal shape and size to fit into your travelling backpack, laptop bag, or even your purse. With a tablet filled with entertaining and useful apps and content, you can easily get lost in time without even noticing the usually boring and tiring flight.


Great for kids

It’s no secret that today’s children are much more technologically advanced than we were in our childhood years, which is why it’s not surprising when they start exploring gadgets at a very young age. However, you don’t want your kids to play with your mobile phone – not only does it contain sensitive information that you don’t want to share or lose, but they’re also pretty expensive to replace or repair in case something goes wrong. That is why most parents prefer to buy inexpensive tablets for their children to play and study with. Brands like Tecno and Itel offer a range of affordable tablets that will be the perfect addition to your family’s gadget collection.


Laptop functionality

For many years laptops have been praised for their portability and excellent functionality that made them a worthy competitor to the desktop computers. Now laptops face their own competition in the form of a tablet PC. Depending on the size, characteristics, and operating system, your new tablet can be as powerful and fast as a laptop while weighing much less than an average laptop, which means you can take it anywhere without having to carry a heavy laptop bag with you. Plus, there are hundreds of accessories available for tablets, including wireless mice and keyboards, which give you a complete user experience.


Battery life

Laptops are constantly evolving and improving, but, with a few exceptions, you still can’t expect more than 3-4 hours of active laptop use without a charge. In this regard, tablets seem like a much more practical alternative to laptops, considering the fact that even an average-priced tablet can give you 6-7 hours of work, even with Wi-Fi turned on. This feature makes tablets a popular choice among many kinds of buyers, from parents who want to keep their kids busy with the help of a tablet to freelancers who prefer working away from home.


Media centre

While a lot of customers buy tablets for work purposes, most buyers prefer to use their tablet PCs for entertainment, and entertainment is where these devices truly shine. There is nothing even a cheap tablet can’t do when it comes to media: play music and videos, display photos, launch hundreds of thousands of apps, let you browse the internet and stream videos – anything you can imagine in terms of entertainment can be done on your tablet, and that’s exactly why a tablet PC is a must-have for any modern family.


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