7 Rumors That Have Reveiled About Iphone7

There had been numerous rumors about new iPhone7 upgrades – some of them have proved to be true and some of the newest features have overcome all the rumors and expectations. So what are the most overwhelming characteristics of the new iPhone generation? Let’s get acquainted with them right away!

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#1 – OLED Display

1One of the first rumors that have spread about the new iPhone7 upgrades is that it will be featured with an OLED display. Why is OLED better than the LCD, which is currently being used in iPhone 6s? Because the OLED screen generates its own light in comparison to the LCD screen that requires back light to glow.

#2 – Water Proof


Another revealed rumor that appeared to be true is the waterproofing feature of the new iPhone generation. This means that the smart phone will not be damaged even if put 1 meter under water for as long as 30 minutes. Moreover, there is another protection feature of iPhone7, which is the dust proof.

#3 – iSight Camera


In order to improve the quality of its pictures, Apple has decided to use the iSight camera. The iSight is composed of 2 cameras put side by side – 13-megapixels and 8-megapixels cameras.

#4 – Wireless Charging


Even though such special and useful feature as wireless charging has been already introduced by the Samsung manufacturer, the Apple has decided to not trial far behind. So one of the striking iPhone7 features is called to be the wireless charging. Most of the Samsung users have appreciated this opportunity so far – the same is expected among the iPhone fans.

#5 – Button-less Design


As to the rumors about the bottom-less design of iPhone7, they haven’t proved to be true. Nevertheless, the new smart phone looks like the designers are becoming closer with this idea, so maybe this feature will appear in a more updated iPhone7s version – rumors again…

#6 – Twice More Powerful Battery


The rumors about the newer iPhone7 battery that was supposed to be working twice as long as the one from iPhone6 generation haven’t proved to be true for all 100%. Though, the battery is more powerful and will last 2 hours longer in iPhone7 and 1 hour longer in iPhone7 Plus version.

#7 – Headphones Entry Port Lost


It is indeed true that the entry port for the headphones has been lost in the new generation of iPhone7. There are two specifications to this unique feature – one is that the user can use one single port to both charge the smart phone and connect the headphones, or he/she can simply listen to music using new wireless headphones, which will last for 5 hours.

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