Apple Watch Series 2: 5 Things To Know

Although the release of the first generation of Apple Watch was met with great anticipation, the device mostly became popular with hardcore Apple fans, while regular users were left wondering if the device was really for them. This obviously reflected on the sales, which is why many critics believed Apple would significantly upgrade and improve the watch for the September 2016 release. These hopes turned out to be true, and now we can have a detailed look at the Apple Watch Series 2.

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Both the original and the updated Apple Watches were released with active and fitness-conscious people in mind, and the durability of the devices is one of the main concerns of these categories of users. The first Apple Watch was already splash-proof, but the new version of the device is much more water resistant – in fact, now you can submerge it up to 50 meters, which is an ideal solution for swimmers and surfers. The watch is also resistant to active use in high temperatures, meaning you can take it out for a day-long hike in the sun without fearing permanent damage from the heat.


Built-in GPS

The GPS feature was the one that users were particularly looking forward to, and Apple didn’t disappoint its fans in this regard. There are numerous ways how the GPS feature can be useful to an Apple Watch Series 2 owner. The most obvious one is the Workout app, which allows you to map your running and hiking routes, stay on trail without accidentally wandering off, and track your progress more effectively. There are dozens of additional third-party apps utilizing the GPS functionality, so in the nearest future we can expect hundreds of new ways for the GPS to be useful.



The recent Apple event unveiled two major collaborations featuring the Apple Watch Series 2. The first one mainly concerns the appearance of the watch and the social status of the wearer. We’re talking about Hermès, who designed two stylish bands you can wear with your new watch, so that the upgraded device could match your look. The other one is Nike, and the Apple Watch Nike+ is great news for runners and athletes. With the Nike-produced watch you get a lightweight aluminum body, a perforated band that provides better ventilation, and a special user interface designed specifically for sportsmen.


WatchOS 3

The updated operating system was unveiled earlier this year and will become available to users starting from September 13. The new WatchOS is a completely revamped system, which can be noticed both in its appearance and performance. The most important upgrade is the fact that now apps will launch 7 times faster compared to the original OS. Additionally, there are sharing options for the times when you want your loved ones to know about your progress. And don’t forget the all-new Breathe app, which is a perfect solution for people who want to get the most out of deep-breathing exercises.


Power and display

In addition to the updated OS, Apple also spent some time working on the Apple Watch Series 2 hardware. The new watch features a dual-core processor built into the SiP chip, as well as the upgraded GPU, which produce enough power to deliver 50% better and faster performance than the original Apple Watch. During the presentation you could see how quickly and efficiently the new hardware works thanks to the demonstration of Dark Sky, a visually stunning yet demanding app. The display of the Apple Watch Series 2 also received its share of improvements and is now twice as bright as the display in the first-generation Apple Watch.


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