Apple’s Initiative: Education. iWork & Swift

Apple is confidently making its way to the finish line on the path to leadership in the global market. Today we will tell you about the improvement of the iWork package, as well as the latest development of the programming language that has a number of advantages compared to the others.


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iWork package

Historically Apple has never been eager to develop business applications, but the office is still an important part of the platform, and competitors (Microsoft and Google) are already far ahead in this issue.

iwork 1

Therefore, Apple has decided to eliminate probably the main drawback of its office package- the absence of online version. Today, online editors Pages, Numbers and Keynote are available to all online accounts in iCloud. There is a mobile version for iPhone / iPad version for the Mac and online version for iPhone in iCloud.

iwork 2

New features for iOS X:

  • the bug that didn’t allow searching in the dictionary for words in the list has been fixed;
  • the program’s stability and performance have been improved;
  • multitasking mode while editing in the Split View mode in the El Capitan;
  • the possibility to open documents in Pages / Numbers / Keynote ’08 and ’06 formats;
  • shared Documents Pages / Numbers / Keynote can now be viewed in browsers on iOS and Android;
  • when you firmly press the trackpad image Force Touch generates tactile feedback;
  • newly-designed templates from Apple;
  • quick access to recently used fonts in the “Fonts” menu;
  • improved support for the features of OpenType fonts, such as capitalization, contextual fractions, variable glyphs, and others;
  • browsing Collections, Moments, Favorites and General Albums of the “Photo” application in the Media Browser;
  • the possibility to add baselines to the diagrams;
  • the possibility to create styles of tables, charts,and shapes from the images;
  • the possibility to add and review comments via VoiceOver.
  • track changes using VoiceOver.
  • editing data and diagram elements with help of VoiceOver.

Swift Programming Language

The project has proved to be a real surprise. After all, no one even suspected that Apple was working in this direction. The company wanted to create a simple, convenient and functional tool that could simplify the life of developers.

Swift 2

Swift characteristics:

  • The brainchild of the latest achievements, compiled object-oriented programming language Swift is based on other programming languages such as Objective-C and C, taking the best features from them.
  • The main focus during its creation was on its speed. Swift will be performed 1.3 times faster in comparison with its analogue, written in Objective-C.
  • Also Swift developers took into account such important parameters as simplicity, safety and flexibility. The language excludes whole classes of unsafe code and is able to automatically manage its memory. Swift makes a series of mistakes common among novice programmers simply impossible. As for its simplicity, the fact that the first game (Flappy Bird) was written within 24 hours after the presentation of the language vividly proves it!
  • the creators made the Swift code more expressive and easy to understand. Developers can immediately track the results of their work, looking at some parts of the code in so called “interactive playgrounds».

Swift 5

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