Best Tips How To Better Start Playing Golf

As well as Gucci and Versace are considered to be the brands designed for people of a higher social level, such kind of sport as golf is considered a perfect match for people with “blue blood”. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should come from the Royal family and that if you are an ordinary man, you cannot try playing golf. On the contrary, if you start doing it and you do it well, you get a chance to feel yourself much special.

Start playing golf with Jiji and with the best tips presented in this article!

Start with a lesson

1Whether it is your best friend who is a professional golf player or a real trainer – it is best if you start your golf playing with learning the theory – which means you should get acquainted with the main golf rules and such basics as grip, stance, posture, and swing mechanics. It is highly recommended if you take one lesson from a professional golf trainer who will help you learn the basics of playing golf properly from the very beginning – that is why these people are called professionals.

Buy used golf clubs

2Just like shoes, it is essential that the golf clubs you choose to play with, fit you in size. For the beginning, this doesn’t have to be the full set of clubs, just a several of them will do great for your first practical lessons. Besides, it is good to consider buying a used set of clubs, just so you train playing with the different clubs’ sizes and choose the one, which suits your hand size most of all.

Get acquainted with the game’s etiquette

In the very beginning we’ve mentioned that those people, who play golf are the ones with “blue blood” – this means that this is the game about honesty, honor, and respect. Playing golf is all about having common sense issues and nothing else. It is also about following such simple rules:

  • 3don’t talk when other people are hitting the ball;
  • don’t walk in other people’s putting lines as you might damage the grass, so it will spoil the putts;
  • don’t stand directly behind or in front of a player who is swinging a club;
  • dress appropriately as the golf playing etiquette says.

Explore the area beforehand

4It is highly recommended to explore the field you are going to play on before the actual game. So take a car and go to a driving range a couple of times. The aim of this ride is to get more confident in your club and shoot selection by simply knowing the distances and trajectory the ball will head along after the hitting. Besides, taking a pre-drive around the area will let you know about the weather conditions – whether it is windy and in what direction the wind blows. All of these small circumstances can greatly influence the entire golf game.

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