Best Tips To Prepare Your Child For School

It has been always difficult to come back to work from vacation, as well as coming back to school after the entire summer of holidays. The routine days of studying, uniforms, and lunchboxes are returning. So let’s help our smaller family members to get ready.

Prepare for school with Jiji

Today we are not going to talk about books, pens and pencils, but will touch more deep issues like getting prepared with your children’s mood, spiritual settlement, and a their outlook.

Start from the Sleep


Sleep is the most essential thing in human life, so it’s important that you ensure a good night’s sleep for your kids before they go back to school. Start with regulating the sleep routing a week before the school starts. And keep in mind that 8,5 – 11 hours sleep is essential for the young organism.

Bags and Lunch Boxes


Another essential thing to keep in mind is the school shopping. Think what are the essential items that your kids will need at school – those might be the bag, lunch boxes, drink bottles, containers. And it’s best that you take your child for school shopping with you, as a bottle with flowers and butterflies might be already embarrassing for your 12-year old one.



Checking your child’s wardrobe is another back to school idea. Children of the school age tend to grow fast, so the chances are that they might have grown out of their uniform over the holidays. Keep a special attention to the school shoes – this outfit item needs replacing more often than others do. It’s good to purchase school shoes and trainers in January when there is a season of high sales.

Hair Cut


It is obvious that after all those weeks of swimming in the sea or in the chlorinated pool, your kid’s hair might look like a straw. So if your child needs a trim, get him/her to the hairdresser before the school time starts. if you got a daughter, make sure you have enough hairpins, hair ties and ribbons prepared.

Other important things you should consider are the your children’s state of mind as to the fact that the holidays are over and the school has come back again. So you must foresee that they will be stressed or anxious, excited about seeing their classmates and getting new interesting books, sad or upset that the holidays have come to an end.

Another valuable advice is to note whether your child is worried about coming back to school, as there might be serious reasons for that. The examples are that they had been bullied by their peers and are worried it starts again. So it’s important that you build your kid’s sense of resilience before he/she gets back to school challenges.

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