How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Rings

No matter if you’re going to have a large celebration for your wedding, or you and your loved one are simply going to elope, there is one thing you can’t get married without, and that thing is a couple of wedding rings. Wedding rings have been a must-have component of marriage since the early times. Over the years the art of creating rings has evolved dramatically, and now you can find any type of rings, from cheap wedding rings to designer rings. Check out our tips on how to buy wedding rings that won’t disappoint you.

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Start your search beforehand

The standard time it takes for a couple to find their ideal wedding rings is approximately two months, but you can start shopping for rings as soon as you set the date for the wedding. The wedding ring fashion isn’t a quickly changing one, especially if you prefer classic models, which is why several months are just enough time to settle on the price range, shape, and style of your future rings. Plus, if you want to alter your wedding rings by having them engraved, or if you want an exclusive set of rings created from scratch, your search should start even earlier.


Shop together

Although it’s a common practice for one half of the couple to take more active part in the wedding planning process, it’s essential for both the bride and the groom to be involved in the wedding ring selection. You can narrow down your search to a few models or shops and then dedicate the next weekend or two to visiting the shops, trying various rings on, and deciding which fit you best as a couple. Keep in mind that it’s not compulsory to buy matching rings, so if you want to go for yellow gold while your partner has his mind set on platinum, you can each get the ring you want.


Consider the shape and size

For grooms, the wedding ring often becomes the first piece of jewelry they wear on a regular basis, which means that an intricately shaped or unusually large ring may not be his cup of tea and can simply feel very uncomfortable. Brides, on the other hand, tend to go for more sophisticated designs and prefer to buy rings that look striking and noticeable. If your tastes in rings don’t match at all, you can buy wedding rings that are united by the same idea but look completely different – for example, the rings can be made from the same metal or have the same symbols engraved on the back.


Choose the right metal

You can find dozens of different metals that are used for creating wedding rings, and these metals differ greatly in price, practicality, and look. The most classic option is gold, which can come in traditional, white, and rose shades. Gold will always look good, but if you are a couple with a more adventurous taste, you may go for platinum, which is more expensive than gold while being very durable and awesome looking. Silver rings are also a traditional choice for couples that don’t want to waste a fortune on their rings. Finally, young couples with modern tastes will definitely love palladium, titanium, and zirconium rings, which are extremely durable, affordably priced, and beautifully designed.


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