Fried Rice Recipe

There is no doubt that fried food is not good for our health…but still, it is so tasty. Chops, steaks, fried potatoes, and fried rice! Wait, what? Is that fried rice? Yes, it is the legendary Chinese fried rice recipe we are going to cook today!

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The recipe of fried rice you can easily find anywhere on the Internet. So today we are going to share with you some secrets of making your fried rice dish even better, than in a luxury Chinese restaurant.

Tip #1 – Use cold cooked rice


It is much recommended if you cool down your rice before cooking. It will ease the whole process as the rice will not be mushy and the rice grains will by easy to separate from each other. It is best of all if you boil the rice the night before and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. But if you can’t wait to cook your tasty Chinese rice right today, remove moisture and put your rice into the fridge for at least a couple of hours.

Tip #2 – Use medium to long grain rice


The short grain sushi rice is not the best option if you want your Chinese fried rice to be perfect. Rice should not fall apart when fried, that is why medium or long grain rice is better. Besides, short grains tend to stick together, which causes you another problem.

Tip #3 – Blazing hot wok


The best type of a pan where it is recommended to fry your rice is a wok. But if you don’t have a special one, a large pan, skillet, or Dutch oven will do great. Remember also to put an adequate amount of oil, so your rice doesn’t stick to the surface. To achieve the same “smoky-burnt” effect as at the restaurants, preheat your pan thoroughly before adding ingredients.

Tip #4 – Don’t crowd your pan with ingredients


Don’t try to cook for every member of your huge family at once. This means you should not put too many ingredients together with your rice put in one pan. If there are too many ingredients in the pan, it doesn’t heat up enough and the rice might clump together. Cook each ingredient individually, or acquire a really huge frying pan, especially for cooking Chinese rice.

Tip #5 – Don’t overdo with saucy seasonings


The rule regards the soy sauce or oyster sauce. You may add just a few tablespoons of these sauces to add some flavor and then add some salt and savor. If you add too much sauce, your rice will turn out to be too mushy.

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