Gold Uncovered In Northern Nigeria

Kano state is now believed to be the latest gold field added to the Nigerian map. A Facebook user Jaafar Jaafar reports a brand new deposit that was unveiled by the locals of Kano. However, the newest discovery comes with its own drawbacks, as the villagers are unable to work efficiently without proper tools.

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The villages of Bagwai and Shanono are now the two leading locations for gold diggers. It is unclear who the first one to make the discovery was, but at the moment there are dozens of locals working on the spot and digging their way through ditches and limestone rocks. The centre of the gold field lies fifteen kilometers away into uninhabited farmland, so it’s clear that the discoverer of gold has been very lucky.


The locals claim that pure gold is sold at ?10,000 per gram, while unprocessed limestone rocks containing gold can be sold for ?2,000 per 50 kilograms. There is an opportunity for mining companies to grow their business by starting a licensed mining process and securing jobs and social guarantees for the locals. Right now, however, locals are forced to use primitive tools and unsuitable equipment to dig for gold, which is not exactly the most effective mining solution. Plus, uncontrolled digging can potentially leave the area covered in uncovered trenches, which can jeopardize the environment and the safety of the villagers.

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