Home Alone: Everyone’s Favourite Holiday Movie

There are dozens of Christmas movies released every year, but none of them have reached the levels of popularity set by Home Alone, a movie that may be several decades old, but still continues to charm us with its adorable cast, witty jokes, holiday spirit, and family values. Watching Home Alone full movie is a regular Christmas tradition in millions of families around the world. Whenever you feel like watching it again, you can find Home Alone in most DVD movies selections, and here are some reasons why Home Alone 1 is the top holiday movie of all time.

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The McCallisters vs. your own family

Let’s face it: the McCallisters are far from being an ideal family. There are parents who forget their 8-year old son while going on a family vacation, there is the big brother who is nothing more than a bully, there is that one weird cousin, and don’t forget the uncle who spends the whole evening before the flight being drunk! Every family has flaws, but after looking at the McCallisters and their slightly dysfunctional family for years, most of us realize how awesome our families really are!


Christmas spirit

As we grow older, the magic of Christmas often becomes lost in the variety of problems and commitments we face every day, but it takes one evening with Home Alone to realize why this particular film became the favorite movie for the holidays. Despite his adventures and the prospect of not only spending Christmas alone and losing his family forever, Kevin McCallister doesn’t lose faith in his beloved holiday and is looking forward to Christmas as much as he does every year. This is something we can all learn from Kevin, and that is why Home Alone is the best way to restore anyone’s faith in Christmas.


Wet Bandits

The family and Christmas themes of Home Alone are both big reasons for its popularity, but the truth is that without the two burglars who called themselves “Wet Bandits”, this movie wouldn’t probably become as iconic as it is nowadays. There are lots of great things about the burglars, from their constant blunders and fails to the fact that they are so determined to defeat Kevin McCallister, and from their ultimate loss to the endless number of quotes they gave to us, like “Santy don’t visit the funeral homes, little buddy.”


Love is all we need

Despite the hilarious events and quotable dialogue, at the end of the day Home Alone is a movie about love, and the best example of love in the movie is the story about Kevin’s neighbour. Kevin goes from fearing the old bearded man and believing he’s a terrifying axe murderer to convincing him to reconnect with his estranged son. When we see the neighbour celebrating Christmas together with his family at the end of the movie, it’s such a heartwarming moment that it has definitely made you tear up more than once, like every good family movie should.


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