iOS 10 Golden Master Insight. Part 2!

In our earlier post about iOS 10 we looked closely at only a few of Apple new operating system innovations. In this post we will consider several more new and interesting features since there are a lot of them in iOS 10!


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“Time to go to bed”

This is a new section of the Clock app in iOS 10. Its task is to monitor healthy sleep of its owner, recommending the optimal time to go to bed. In fact, this is a “smart alarm clock” with additional recommendations. Working with Apple Watch is welcome, since this function collects sleep statistics.

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Face and object recognition

Yes, iOS 10 has been equipped with one of the most revolutionary (for the time) functions of OS X. The Photo App is able to recognize faces in photos. Moreover, the system is able to differentiate between the type of the landscape and the location of shooting, thereby facilitating image cataloging.

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Camera Switch and filters

These two menu items have swapped their places. This solution seems more logical, as the shutter button is now located next to the camera switch.

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Route destination

Immediately after Maps app is launched you are prompted to enter your preferred route. Moreover, the app offers nearby objects as well as the most popular searches. The menu looks neater and more user-friendly. They have also added animation to the route-making feature.

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While working with the maps you will always be up to date with the current weather. The temperature icon is permanently present on the screen.


Find your misplaced Apple Watch with ease

In case you have an Apple Watch running watchOS 3), iOS 10 enables you to locate your Apple Watch with help of Find My iPhone app. iOS 10 users can now delete the contents of their Apple Watch, put it in Lost Mode, or just have the watch play a tune (providing the watch is connected to the Internet) in order to track it.

Find your misplaced Apple Watch with ease

Categories in the App Store

Now you no longer need to open an additional menu to navigate through the application categories. Today App Store has a separate tab to do it. The list of categories has also been upgraded.

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Medical ID

New medical card now includes comprehensive data about your health. This function can come handy in case of an accident.


Siri has become a new menu item

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The Dictionary and Word Search

iOS 10 has finally learned to look up words in its own thesaurus. Furthermore, you can find the word definition from any place of the system now. Just select the word and choose Find in its context menu.

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New wallpapers

The developers have added just one image this time.

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Call blocking

The Phone menu has a new item called Call Blocking & Identification. In the future, Apple will allow access to third-party applications in order to block voice spam.

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Apple Pay for Safari

This menu item has appeared n the menu Settings -> Safari -> Check for Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

Biiig smileys!

The dialog smileys have increased three times in size. To send such a large smiley, don’t add any text to your message.


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