iOS 10 Golden Master Insight

As usual, immediately after the presentation of new Apple products iOS 10 Gold Master has become available. This is an exact replica of the final OS version.

The final version of the operating system will be released on September, 13 but if you can’t wait you can install a pre-release version now.

In this post we will look closely at the most interesting innovations of iOS 10 and tell you how to use them!


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Lock screen

To unlock the screen simply touch the Home button. With the devices that are not equipped with a sensor TouchID, double-tap the Home button and enter your password.

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Notification Center

Notification Center menu now displays only the missed events and messages. There are no widgets now (see the next paragraph).

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Widget menu

In iOS 10 a swipe from left to right opens a widget center. Now you can access the Weather, Contact List, Applications, Maps and Promotions in a separate menu.

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Access to the camera

Just swipe from right to left. This option is much faster than the one in the previous version of iOS.

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Deleting built-in applications

It is very easy to get rid of unnecessary default applications here. Among the applications that cannot be deleted are: Wallet, Clock, Health, Settings, Messages, Phone, Safari, Camera, and Photo.

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Spotlight bar

The search bar of the spotlight menu became a little wider and with a less white gradient.

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The main widget menu

The widget menu is available with the swipe from left to right in the main iOS 10 menu.

Each element in the list of widgets interacts with 3D Touch menu. For extended information, just select the option Show more. A single tap on any widget will open the corresponding application.

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The new design of incoming notifications: iOS 10 features neat oval dialogue clouds with white filling instead of rectangles as in the previous version.


Quick Access Center

Here again there is a new design solution: filled with white color, the active menu items are highlighted in blue.

They have also improved Air Play, the tool for sharing information, – now it will not open in a new window, and the list of available devices is displayed directly on top of the Quick Access Center.

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Quick access to music

The section “Music” in iOS 10 is moved to a separate tab. Now it displays covers and it has become much easier to manage playlists.

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The world clock

Now it has a new, completely dark color scheme. They decided to abandon the analog dial in the world clock.

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Alarm clock

The font has been significantly increased in the Alarm tab.



An analog chronograph on a dark color scheme looks simply fabulous!


New edit menu

The option “Edit” used to edit the pictures is now moved to the bottom panel. There is a new option “Show more” that offers similar images from your library.

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Photo Memories

This includes images, associated with a particular event. In just a couple of seconds, iOS 10 can automatically generate a short movie, choosing the most striking events from your life. The result can be edited: you can select the photos, music, etc.


Of course, these are not all innovations in iOS 10. To be continued!!

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