iPad Mini 4 Main Features

2016 has been a very eventful year of Apple even before the September presentation. Earlier we’ve been introduced to the new addition to the iPad lineup, the iPad Mini 4. Since their 2010 debut, iPads have been the trendsetters in the tech world and set a high standard for tablets from other brands. The latest iPad Mini is no exception, and we can clearly expect the upgraded model to take the market by storm. Here are some of the most noteworthy iPad Mini features.

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The look

Design characteristics of the iPad are hardly going to surprise anyone – on the outside it’s still the same iPad Mini that we know and love. The curved edges and the exquisite materials used in the production of the iPad look and feel the same. However, the latest iPad is almost 40 grams lighter than its predecessor thanks to the shaved off thickness, which instantly improves its portability. The only thing missing from the iPad’s body is the silencer switch, which has been gradually removed from most of the latest Apple devices. Now you can silence your iPad through the Control Center.



One of the biggest reason for people to switch to Apple gadgets, besides the iOS and generally outstanding design, is the quality of their screens, and the upgraded iPad Mini is no exception. The screen in the iPad Mini 4 can compete with Apple’s top devices like iPad Air 2 despite the seemingly small size of the 7.9” screen. Clear, sharp images and vivid colors, almost zero reflection and depth of the pictures are exactly what buyers are looking for in the iPad Mini, and that’s exactly what they get.



Smaller devices are known to lack in power compared to their full-size counterparts, but that’s not the case with the 2016 iPad Mini. The use of a special tablet-dedicated chip, along with 2GB of RAM, allows the iPad Mini to deliver competitive performance not just compared to tablets from other manufacturers, but also other iPads. Of course, you can easily find a more powerful tablet in today’s gadget market, but none of them has a collection of features and characteristics as practical and perfectly combined as the iPad Mini.



Most Apple users care less about the power and other features of their devices and more about the range of apps available for iPads. Like always, Apple doesn’t disappoint its customers in this regard – there are thousands of apps designed specifically for iPad Mini, as well as other apps that can be used both on the iPhone and iPad. Unlike many Android apps, which aren’t really changed when they’re transported from phones to tablets, iPad Mini apps look as striking as you expect, so that you don’t lost anything in terms of design, performance, and, ultimately, user experience.


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