Living Albino. What It’s Like?

3 - albino africansAlbinism – is an absence of pigments in skin, hair, eyes. Scientists distinguish the full albinism when pigments absent in the whole organism, and partial albinism, with as many pigments absent only in certain body parts, for example in the eyes. In full albino, the entire skin and eyelids, are pale pink, or of milky-white color. Eyebrows and eyelashes  are discolored too.

What causes albinism? is a hereditary disease. It is not a curse or sign of gods. Hereditary diseases are diseases that are passed down from generation to generation. At the heart of albinism genetics lays a violation of the formation of the black pigment melanin in the skin cells, hair follicles, and in the eyes. Usually, the pigment is formed from a substance, called tyrosine under the action of the enzyme tyrosinase. This complex biochemical process that involves many different substances and enzymes. In albinism, there is a defect in the genes that regulate this process.Different mutations in different genes can cause different grades and types of albinism. Genetics of albinism is already well-explored and exist genetical treatmrnt. Such treatment is too expensive for mosl of albino people. Published about 700 pedigrees of families whose members suffered from albinism. Hereditary diseases tend to spread in small ethnic groups due to the high frequency of consanguineous marriages.

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What is it like to be not like others? people want to separate from the mass and try to look different with the help of tattoo, makeup, and clothes. But albino people did not choose such a look. Also, there are such problems like a high risk of skin cancer due to skin damage by sun, weak sight etc. The tropical sun is very aggressive for those people. Often African albinoes become victims of shamans – it is believed that body parts of albino have a big magic power. No matter if this is true or not, many albinoes were murdered by such way.

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Also, there are psychological problems – peers often do not accept albino children, bullying them. Self-esteem of such people often suffers from the surrounding. is very difficult to become successful for albino people. But if you have a desire, nothing is impossible. Today many modeling agencies require unusual models. And many albinoes became successful models.

Beyonce, Lana Del Rey invited albino models to their clips. Best fashion houses can’t imagine their collections without albinoes.

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Famous albino models

Thando Hopa

“I’m a black girl who lives in the skin of a white person and that alone should embody what a human being as a whole should represent “

Diandra Forrest

Shaun Ross


Sir Maejor

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