Meet The Woman That Gestates A Reptile!

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Please, let me unsee this! A woman says there is a living reptile in her stomach!

A 49-year-old Maria from extension 28 in Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg, SA claims there is an actual reptile inside her huge belly. Moreover, she says it is really evil. Surprisingly, these are not just Maria’s words – she says a lot of local healers and prophets have proved it.

At first sight Maria looks obviously pregnant. According to her, it all started in 2011 when she was in hospital and the doctors told her that something is growing inside her. They also said Maria had lost a lot of blood and needed an operation. However, the operation didn’t change anything and they just let Maria go home after a couple of days.


Maria also says that she suspects something could have happened during the visit to the bishop where her boyfriend took her. She was complaining about pain in her stomach and the boyfriend said he knew a good guy to go to solve the problem.

The bishop told Maria to take off all of her clothes and gave her some local herbs (muthi) to steam. Maria says she was astonished then that the “medicine” was wrapped in real snake skin. The bishop said it would heal the pain in her stomach but after a few days Maria felt there was something alive moving in her and her teeth started falling out. Maria believes it is all because of those herbs she took.


“My boyfriend left me when my stomach started to grow although we had been together for 14 years. I have been single ever since” – Maria complains. “I’m sure this is entirely his fault. I want him to come back and take away the beast he put inside me”.

Doctors Find Snake in Woman’s Stomach- Maria Tsotetsi

A woman’s stomach grew as though she was pregnant, but instead of a baby, doctors found a snake in her tummy. The woman has been in poor health for some time and doctors reportedly believe the snake is the cause of her deteriorating health.

Sometimes Maria’s period lasts for two weeks and she loses so much blood that she has to use nappies. One of traditional healers Ntsimbi Ngema says that a trick like this is usually done by jealous lovers since no one can make love to a woman with a reptile inside.

Any man can die after sex with Maria now. Another doctor says there must be a reasonable cause of Maria’s condition. He believes nothing supernatural is happening to Maria, it could be kidney stones or gall stones.

Whatever absurd this may sound there seems to be something like epidemic of this unusual condition. A woman from Mercer, C.W., the wife of Mr. WM. EVERS, has been suffering from cohabitation with a snake for 4 years. She says the reptile tickles and recoils inside her and when hungry stands up in the throat and causes suffocation.

The doctors say it is impossible to remove the snake without killing the woman.


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