New iPad Pro 9,7″ Review

“We believe that the new iPad is a perfect expression of the future of personal computing!”.

That’s what Tim Cook said at the presentation of the new Apple products. Without any false modesty, and with Big Ambition – that’s the Style of Apple!



This is what you feel when holding the new iPad Pro 9.7. It looks exactly the same as iPad Air 2 and it’s very difficult to tell one from the other in appearance.

However, the iPad Pro 9.7 is equipped with the coolest components in the world so far- it has the best screen, the best speakers, the best camera and the best processor!


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Appearance, materials, controls, assembly

They always knew how to make Perfect things in Apple… MacBook Pro, iPod Classic, iPhone 4 / 4s etc. New iPad Pro 9.7 looks a lot like Air, but with some differences though.


Firstly, it’s the color. It comes now in Rose Gold color – it looks nice without unnecessary tawdriness, however, it is clear that this color suits girls better.

The back part with antennas is now aluminum, only the rim remains white.

Now the tablet has an extra pair of stereo speakers, so there are four of them and it seriously affects the quality of the sound. There is a significant difference in sound between Pro 9.7 and Air 2.


As for Pro’s sound:

  • it’s deeper;
  • it has better range in volume;
  • it has better audible separation low and high frequencies.

This tablet is perfectly able to work as a small portable speaker for you. Also, there is a new slot on the left side to connect an external keyboard.



The display in this tablet is really great. It has:

  • high level of maximum brightness;
  • natural color rendition;
  • no air gap;
  • ultra-high resolution and a variety of applications optimized for this screen.


Pro 9.7 has a new feature called TrueTone, it analyzes the lighting around the tablet and, based on it, changes the white balance in the screen. It uses FaceTime camera for this analysis.

NightShift setting automatically changes to warm colors in the late afternoon, so the eyes could not get so tired while watching something on the screen.


Another advantage of the new display is support of extended standard DCI color spectrum instead of the traditional sRGB.


9.7-inch iPad Pro has the same processor A9X as its older model, but with 2 GB of RAM instead of 4GB.

In terms of performance iPad Pro 9.7 can easily beat almost any laptop.


Battery life

Battery capacity is 7306 mAh, it is almost the same as in Air 2, but Pro 9.7 is able to last a bit longer (10% difference). It looks like it has more energy-efficient processor.

If we talk about everyday use, you can charge your tablet once a week, with an average activity of the screen of 1.5-2 hours. The charging time is about four hours.



It uses the same camera module as the iPhone 6S, only without optical stabilization. Pro 9.7 is able to make great pictures in the daylight, but their quality are worse when you shoot indoors.


Front camera resolution increased to 5 MP. It should be noted that any iPad, including this one, can boast of simply remarkable quality of video calls in Skype.




If the iPad Pro 9.7 cannot substitute a full-fledged computer, it does not mean that it is not able to completely substitute the previous iPad Pro large.

We are convinced that the new “Pro” is really the best iPad in the world!

iPad Pro 9.7 review

Apple’s new iPad Pro 9.7-inch tablet has almost all of the power of the big iPad Pro, but in a smaller package.

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