No Pain, No Gain: Unusual Jobs

Human ingenuity has no boundaries, especially when it comes to earning money. The occupations listed below can hardly be called popular. Moreover, many of them will leave you completely bewildered.

However, some of these jobs are paid surprisingly well. We present to your attention a chart of odd jobs around the world.


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Sorter of cigars by color

A man of this profession must distinguish between at least 70 shades of brown in order to sort cigars into boxes according to their shade. All of this is done for special connoisseurs of tobacco.

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One of the strangest jobs ever. It involves examining historical remnants of feces and parasites in them to find out what the diet of our ancestors was like.


Testers of therapy for astronauts

The volunteers for this job have to spend three weeks tied to a bed without a single movement. Their bed is tilted to the side of the head, which causes constant head buzzing, while red spots arise before the eyes…

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This is not a medieval torture description; this is research that can help astronauts. 15 people actually volunteered to do this. Afterwards, they were tested for rehabilitation therapy. By the way, the volunteers received $6,000 each for doing it.

A conversation fellow

The rhythm of life in Tokyo is really fast. Therefore, the appearance of the conversationalist profession is quite natural. These guys are sitting in their booths in the busiest areas of the capital and listen to everyone willing to talk to them.


Every professional conversationalist gives a chance to chat on most intimate topics to nearly 10,000 people in the country within only a week.

Condom tester

One of the major companies producing condoms offered several new jobs. The office looks for young people for the job of condom testers!

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The workers are equipped with unlimited number of disposables. The person who will provide the most useful information about the tests will receive a prize of $1000! Well, we think that strange jobs had never been so fascinating!

Author of predictions for fortune cookies

These cookies popular all around the world require regular and proper preparation of the predictions inside them. Their author must have a vivid imagination, because the predictions have to be clear, interesting, varied and unusual.

At first glance, the work seems to be easy, but try to come up with at least a hundred of these predictions!


Line stander

Some of the odd jobs are becoming very popular in Britain. For instance, there is a company that promises people that they will not have to stand in lines. A specially trained line-stander will do it for them. These services are rather expensive – about $40 per hour.


However, if you consider that every Englishman has to stand in lines for over a year in his lifetime, the cost-efficiency of hiring such a professional is quite obvious!

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