How To Start Business In Selling Electronics From China

Today products from China are on top of all sales. Reasonable price + decent quality are the things that earned the trust of many customers around the world.

Chinese clothing and footwear replace the goods from American, German and Italian producers that used to share many markets. Chinese cars and motorcycles step-by-step take over the car markets around the world.

Chinese electronics is also sold very widely: from kiosks in the underground to the largest electronics stores.

In this post we will tell you about various nuances of the business selling electronics from China.


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  1. Visit the site of one of China’s largest online shopping mall.
  2. Find the goods that are marked as bestsellers.
  3. Choose the ones that you personally like.
  4. Buy them.
  5. Receive your goods in parcels.
  6. Sell the received things to your friends and through free classified ads in newspapers or online.
  7. Order more goods with the money you earned buying the ones that have been sold best.
  8. Receive another parcel and sell these products as well.
  9. Create yourself a site-mart with the goods you are selling and try to attract a lot of visitors there.
  10. Register yourself as an entrepreneur and start to build a serious business.


Attractive terms of the order

Many Chinese Internet shops send their goods anywhere around the world. Moreover, in most of their stores, shipping of goods worth more than $20 is FREE to any place in the world!

Besides that, you can pay for your goods both by bank cards, and via systems like PayPal or Webmoney. It is very convenient as you can choose the product you need and pay for it without leaving the comfort of your home.


Chinese goods sellers provide a 3-month guarantee period for replacement of the product that did not match your expectations and 6 month warranty for repairs. If something arrives broken or you just do not like it, you can easily return the item and get your money back. The only thing you lose is the cost of sending parcels back to China and about 1 month of your time.

There are dozens of Chinese companies that enable ordering product samples first. The term is from 3 months to one year.

Among the obvious advantages we should also highlight the fact that almost all the major Chinese Internet shops support dropshipping system, which means that you get a chance to start up a sound business almost without any money and goods in stock.


What is worth ordering and is sold best?


Various small things are also in demand: covers and screen protectors for iPhone and iPad, laser pointers, jewelry.

Things to consider before ordering:

  • make sure the wholesale suppliers have a good reputation;
  • try to look for suppliers in paid directories – there you can often find reviews from those who have already used their services;
  • take the first trial order – almost all Chinese companies provide such an opportunity.


How to avoid paying customs clearance?

As long as you order small things, it is important to keep within “the customs limits”.

For example, you can receive goods worth not more than $1,000 per month in order not to have to pay any additional fees. In this case, it is important that parcel contents do not look as something for commercial use.


In other words, 1 smartphone, tablet 1, 1 set for repair of cellular phones, 4 AA batteries and 1 DVR can be explained as products purchased for personal use.

In a year you can obtain a vast experience and enough money to create a website and register your own business. Having a website, you become the owner of an e-business, receive passive income, and become a VIP-client of any bank and your internal revenue service.


You will find the largest choice of electronics at various prices on Jiji!

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