Tell Me About Yourself – Good Answer To This Tough Interview Question

All of us have googled «tell me about yourself interview question» at some point trying to find the answer that would convince the recruiter that we are the best candidacy for the job in all respects.

The phrase «tell me about yourself» can confuse and embarrass even the most experienced job-hunters. Why do recruiters ask this question, and how can you make it work in your own interests?


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Tell me about yourself: interview tips


First: HR- manager does not care what you will say, – how you say it is what matters.

Second, HR- manager is mainly interested in your reaction: how quickly you will figure out what to say about yourself!


Be brief

Your speech must not last longer than a minute – this is the time you need in order to share all the important information about yourself with the HR manager while keeping him focused.

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You need numbers

Do you want to give the employer a more detailed interview answer? Bombard him with numbers and figures, and it will show you in a much better light compared to your competitors.


“I worked in the restaurant hall and in the kitchen. Iam mostly qualified as a a waiter, but I can also wash the dishes, take orders, and I have experience working in the cold foods storage. “


“I have worked in the family restaurant for a year and a half. For about a year I had been a waiter serving about two hundred people a day on a weekday and up to five hundred people at the weekend. “

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Raise the bar higher

Meeting the minimum requirements for the vacancy is something taken for granted, otherwise they would not have called you.

The purpose of the interview is to show that you have more skills than anyone else who is applying for the position.

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Find the right angle

Do you lack experience and knowledge? Find what makes up for their absence and demonstrates your learning abilities, communication skills and other necessary qualities!

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“Sandwich effect”

This is a brilliant technique of informing your recruiter of your drawbacks in a positive manner:

  • start with positive things(experience, education, abilities);
  • speak about the negative ones(lack of specific techniques and methods knowledge );
  • finally, smoothly transition to positive things again (how you can make up for the lack of experience).

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Write down your speech and practice saying it. When you stammer less and use less filler words like “uhm-m-m” – you will be surprised how much information can be given in a minute!

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Looking for unique tell about yourself sample? Try one of these:

  1. I can describe myself in three words…” – you show the ability to be concise, creative and persuasive.
  2. “My life motto is…” – this proves that personal development is an integral part of your life.
  3. “People who know me best of all, say that I am…” – this demonstrates how informed you are.
  4. “This morning I googled myself and this is what I found out…” – an unexpected and catchy answer. You show that you are a tech-savvy person with a sense of humor.
  5. “As much as I can remember, I have always wanted to be…» – this beginning of the interview answer says that you have been preparing for this job all your life.
  6. “Let me show you instead of speaking about it”. Then pull something out of your bag, something that represents you. This is a stunning, vivid and memorable answer!
  7. “People often compliment me about…” – this indicates your openness for feedback.


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