Top 5 Ways To Cook Pumpkin

As one of the universally favourite autumn vegetables, a humble pumpkin is admired all over the world and is often viewed as a symbol of autumn. In addition to its memorable look and endless nutritional and health benefits, a pumpkin is also one of the most versatile vegetables you can cook with. Depending on the recipe, your pumpkin can be a star of a soup, appetizer, entree, dessert, or even drink. Find out five unbeatable ways to enjoy pumpkin this autumn!

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Pumpkin stew

There is no better way to spend a chilly autumn afternoon than to have your family over for a hot, hearty pumpkin stew that is wonderfully easy to make. Take your favourite type of pumpkin, cut off the top and clean out the inside. Season with salt, pepper, and a bit of vegetable oil. Put into an oven and roast at medium heat for 30 minutes or until the inside is soft enough. At the end of the cooking time fill the pumpkin with a pre-made meat stew and let it sit inside for 10-15 minutes, so that the flavours could form a unique blend.


Pumpkin soup

A bowl of pumpkin soup is another genius way to add warmth to an autumn day, and it won’t take you more than an hour to cook. Besides pumpkin, you’re going to need chicken or vegetable stock, heavy cream, onions, vegetable oil, pumpkin seeds, and bread. Cook chopped onions in a pan until soft, add the roughly chopped pumpkin and cook for another 10 minutes. Then pour the stock into the pan, bring the mixture to the boil and then let it simmer for 10 minutes. Add the cream, bring to the boil again, and then use your blender to puree the soup. Serve with bread croutons and peeled pumpkin seeds on top.


Grilled pumpkin

If you’re looking for the most effortless way to cook pumpkin, this may be the easiest recipe on our list. Make sure to go for a sweeter kind of pumpkin, so that your dish has maximum flavour. Chop the pumpkin into equally sized wedges. Prepare a marinade using vegetable oil, crushed garlic, and a bit of salt. Dip the pumpkin wedges into the marinade and cook using your grill or oven until the pumpkin is soft on the inside. In the meantime, prepare the sauce: take the remaining marinade, add sugar and wine vinegar. Cook on low heat until the sugar dissolves. Drizzle the sauce all over the pumpkin pieces, add some fresh herbs, and serve.


Stuffed pumpkin

If you’ve invited your family and friends for a dinner party and are struggling with the main dish, try this easy and filling recipe. Take a couple of medium-sized pumpkins, pierce them in several places, and bake for 20-30 minutes, depending on the size. While the pumpkins are being baked, prepare the stuffing: take lentils, carrots, mushrooms, beans, and vegetable stock. Cook the stuffing until the stock is absorbed by the veggies. Take the cooked pumpkins, cut the top off, fill, and bake for another 20 minutes.


Pumpkin cupcakes

Pumpkin desserts are another classic way to cook pumpkin, but if a traditional pie seems a bit boring to you, try these delicious cupcakes, which masterfully combine the pumpkin flavour with autumn spices. First prepare the usual cupcake batter with sugar, butter, eggs, and milk. Add pumpkin puree, flour with an autumn spice blend, and continue the batter until it’s smooth and fluffy. Fill the muffin baking tray and cook until the cupcake tops are golden – about 25 minutes. Decorate with your favourite frosting once the cupcakes have cooled down.

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Almond Cream Cheese Frosting_Recipes_1007x545

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