Top 7 Popular Clothing Brands

The question of a favourite brand is not an easy one when it comes to clothing. While some buyers only shop from famous brands and won’t settle for anything less than that, others prefer shopping from no-name brands since their clothes are often more affordable and easy to find. However, the clothing industry wouldn’t exist without famous names, and here are 7 clothing brands that rule the fashion world.

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Ralph Lauren

If you’re looking for trendy, high quality formal wear or casual clothes, Ralph Lauren may be your best choice. Business executives and lawyers, sportsmen and celebrities – Ralph Lauren suits, dresses, polo shirts, and other clothing items can be spotted everywhere. This brand’s clothes are famous for their flawless fit, excellent quality of the fabrics, and modern styling, although some Ralph Lauren designs, like their famous polo shirts, stay in the market for decades.


Tommy Hilfiger

Like many fashion icons, Tommy Hilfiger is more than a name on the tag of your new pair of jeans – it’s a lifestyle brand. The brand’s portfolio is incredibly diverse and includes fashionable casual clothes for men, women, and children, with a separate denim line and a wide range of accessories and fragrances. Tommy Hilfiger’s lines of clothing always include cargo pants, which are one of the items that make the brand famous.



The sports clothing market is filled with great brands, but Adidas belongs to the most established and respected ones. High quality clothes and shoes, frequent collaborations with beloved celebrities, and an ability to adapt to new fashion trends helped Adidas achieve its iconic status. Nowadays in an Adidas store you can find casual clothes and shoes, gym clothing, and lots of items for specific kinds of sports, not to mention the accessories.



The last decade signalled the rise of a clothing trend called “fast fashion”, which means clothes that can be produced in a couple of weeks and then sold at affordable prices, and H&M is one of the leading fast fashion brands today. H&M stores are aimed at young, trendy people who put the appearance of the clothes above the quality and don’t plan to wear one outfit for years, which is why the quality of fast fashion clothes can be not ideal, but their look is always on point.



Denim clothes have been a staple in men’s and women’s wardrobes for over a century and are no longer considered to be strictly work clothes – instead denim outfits can be commonly seen in offices, on casual parties, and in the streets. Levi’s is one of the most famed denim brands with a rich history, and today it continues to stay on top of the popularity ranks. Levi’s jeans may cost more than a pair of pants from a less famous brand, but the quality and wearability of Levi’s clothes is unmatched.



Lacoste clothes can be easily recognized thanks to their iconic logo, but this brand has a lot more to offer to its buyers. The selection of clothes presented by Lacoste is largely similar to Ralph Lauren clothing selection, which is why the two brands are often believed to be close rivals in terms of quality, design, and pricing. Lacoste is renowned for using high quality materials that can be successfully worn for years.



Like Adidas, Nike is a leading brand in the world of sports fashion, but, unlike Adidas, Nike is more famous for its workout wear than its casual clothing. If you’re looking for a new pair of running trainers, a practical gym outfit, or a sports swimsuit, there is no other place you need to visit. Plus, in the past decades Nike has created several iconic footwear models, like Air Max and Air Jordan, that are still popular nowadays.


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