Why The Wireless Headphones AirPods Are So Special?

http://www.macdigger.ru/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Apple-Airpods-official-2.jpgEvery new iPhone causes a selling boom. The new one is not an exception – many people have already prepared the money for the new device! And it worth it! IPhone 7 will become slimmer than the previous model due to many interesting upgrades!

Popular rumors are true! Apple refused from using the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7. According to announces, flagship smartphone of 2016 will be supplied together with wireless headphones AirPods, which will be able to radically change our experience of audio perception.

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https://qzprod.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/apple-airpods-e1473279119716.jpg?w=2516Apple has shown a wireless headset for iPhone 7 – AirPods. Apple points out how quickly and simply it is to connect them to your gadget virtually, via one touch of the screen.

As it turned out, the process of pairing with the iPhone 7 and  AirPods is even easier than to connect Apple Watch. You just open the box with the headphones, and smartphone identifies and displays a message prompting you to connect the accessory. You agree and in the next second, you can already enjoy the music.

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http://edge.alluremedia.com.au/m/l/2016/09/Airpods-1.jpgAfter that, iCloud will automatically sync the AirPods with all other available devices to quickly switch the source of the sound. According to an earlier note Re / code, the AirPods are compatible with other (non-Apple) Bluetooth-devices, but in this case, they will have to carry out synchronization manually.

AirPods First Look

At today’s event TechCrunch tested Apple’s fully wireless AirPods. The new headphones look exactly like the company’s EarPods line, with the obvious distinction of being wireless. Click here for more Apple news: https://techcrunch.com/events/iphone-… TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

https://cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/NaSCSK4IJ48BhTCnU2Kz8R9gFAE=/1600x900/2016/09/07/2a3632fe-6eb5-4e80-84fe-8940ce3daf67/airpods-in-action.pngNo more problems with wires.  IPhone 7 will allow you to use the new AirPods up to 5 hours, but a special case with charging extends this time to one day. A built-in sensor detects when the headphones are not put on – you can just take out them while going and the music itself will be on a pause.

While many people interpreted move from wired to the non-wired concept as an attempt to “catch” everyone to the new format of the Lightning, the company believes that the iPhone 7 is only the first step in creating a truly wireless device connection. Therefore, at the launch of new smartphones were presented and new wireless Bluetooth-headset AirPods are ready to work with both products on the basis of iOS, as well as with Mac-based systems.

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