₦5,000 A Month For 1 Million Nigerians

President Buhari has started to fulfil his promise of helping the poorest Nigerians survive by finally initiating the payment process this month. The program is expected to begin in October and last until the end of 2016.

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Helping the unemployed, the poor, and the youths has been the focus of Muhammadu Buhari’s presidential campaign of 2015. However, since then the most vulnerable categories of Nigerians haven’t experienced major changes in their well-being, as the implementation of the financial help program was taking longer than expected. Finally, starting from October 2016, the payment system was activated at last.


The program, which is known as the Conditional Cash Transfer, is more than just President Buhari’s initiative, as multiple organizations and individuals have contributed to the scheme; most importantly, the World Bank and the Bill Gates Foundation. The financial aid will be paid to the recipients directly via a payment system that has been designed for months. All in all, the government estimates that by the end of the year over ?60,000,000 will have been paid to those in need.  The CCT program is not the only financial program to be implemented in Nigeria, as Ekiti State Governor announced that his scheme to help the aged and unemployed has recently started as well.

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